Sadism and masochism

sadizmThere were thousand thoughts in my head when I was given a task to develop a theme of sadism and masochism.

Who are sadists and masochists? I have never thought about that before, because I have never met them, but still I have heard lots of stories and always thought that was just because they were looking for extreme. But after reconsidering this question I have changed my mind.

To start with, what is sadism and masochism? Sadism – is receipt of enjoyment and satisfaction from that person that causes pain to another person. In most cases, sadists are men. In my opinion there are two areas of sadism, sexual and psychological. After making some researches I have realized that everyone thinks that sadism can be only in sexual meaning. Similary think some great psychologists like Sigmund Freud. He said: “Kind of perversion in which the individual receives sexual pleasure by inflicting pain or injury to the partner.”

So what about me, don’t think so. Anybody who likes causing moral or psychological pain may be a sadist. For example making pressure on a person with bad words. The same situation is with masochism. Bat what is it masochism?

Masochism – is obtaining pleasure and satisfaction that is caused by another person. Similar to sadism there are two areas: sexual and psychological. When a man reaches sexual satisfaction only when by causing pain. And psychologically, a person enjoys being under pressure is also masochism.

Again, Sigmund Freud said:

“The propensity to seek physical or mental suffering to achieve sexual arousal and satisfaction.”

Masochists are mostly women. But men can also be matched as Sigmund Freud believed that these men tend to femininity.
Sadists and masochists are looking for each other for pleasure. These people think that such behavior is natural for them. For these people it is a necessity to some extent. I think with such behavior they show us their emotions and their psychological state.

All in all who are sadists and masochists nowadays? Where did they come from? I think it’s all because of their parents. There are some who always show cruelty to their children and never praise. Or the child accustomed to being pressed, beaten and in this case manifested the propensity to masochism. Besides a person may not be mentally healthy. Various psychological traumas, complexes, considering sadism and masochism in a sexual sense, so many sexual fantasies, frequent viewing of pornography, the failure of a partner.

Maybe if a person gets not enough attention from the family and friends so later some bad thoughts such as receiving or causing pain to another come to a head of this person, and he likes them and they get a priority in his life. I do not think that a person can be born as sadist or masochist, it comes during the life. So a person forgets more important things in his life. And such people are among us, they as others have a character, demeanor, but the differ is aggression or enriched sexual behavior. This feature may be the main so that finally you can call it all – violence. In my opinion sadists were first in society. Why? Because before a person likes this pain, she had to feel it, so there should be a man who likes to inflict such pain.

There were a lot of researches about such people but during years relevant to these people has changed. Comparing 20th and 21st, we can say that in the 20th century these people were treated with danger, misunderstanding and condemnation. And in our time behavior and preferences to these people are “normal.” After all, with each new generation of people,with growing their needs and becoming more incomprehensible to predecessors. An example is the modern literature. The most popular book on this topic is “Fifty shades of gray” authored by E. L. James, which clearly describes the sadism and masochism.

Despite that it raises quite “shocking” theme, its readers are people of all ages. So we can say that people do not hesitate to put it on the general review. Another example is the Internet, the media in which ads are shown in the form of sadism and masochism, I think it is not correct, because the Internet is widely used by both adults and children. Because of such advertising in our time it develops such behavior.

So, in my opinion with such movies and books, our society becomes more violent, sadism develops, inhibit other developing masochism.

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