Freedom acquisition through subjection of existing nessesity. The principle of apathy

Freedom acquisition through subjection of existing nessesity. The principle of apathy.

     Paroxysm is strong attack, assalt (illness, feelings). The passion is a strong feeling expression. It starts and run rapidly. It is an explosive process. It might be envy, anger, loathing or strong apathy attack. All of these reduce  focusing ability in reality and a luck of emotions.

     In our case these are feelings. But now I’m not going to talk about this I want to start, with the feeling which is, in my opinion, the most important in our life. The person can’t actually be a person, they can’t make any decisions about own destiny, make independent actions and looking for their own realness. This is freedom, of course. The freedom philosophy as a subject has been completely investigated by Hegel, Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Sartre, Jaspers, Berdyaev, Soloviev.

There are a lot of issues regarding this problem such as GA Andreev “Christianity and the problem of freedom,” V. Golubenko “Necessity and liberty” , M. Berezhnoy “Social determinism and the problem of person in the history of Marxist-Leninist philosophy,” and others. Anisimov, Harandzha, Spirkin and Shlayfer are also paid attention to this problems in their monographs and articles

     The concept of freedom is very extensive. It starts from the denial of the choice and avoiding the notion of freedom. Freedom is the next link after “overcoming obstacles”. It means that after disappearing of obstacles the freedom has come. Freedom is a negation of something. Freedom is a relative position of our existence.

      Let’s look at the concept of Consider the concept “migratory person” as a sign of searching changes. The way to freedom or escape from it. The concept of “migration” is a migratory and sedentary life, dynamism or calmness. The person is very mobile in its existence. Everything depends on sedentary or dynamic method of life.

       Bakhtin says that the traveller walks around the earth and he can’t settle anywhere. A lot of mystery things give you a choice where to go. The person seems to be chosen a right way, but actually he can be lost in his life and feels the revolt against his own way. The person tries to find the slope point, where you become an eternity. This can happen only when you uderstand that the freedom can be found in your own way and your own deeds.

         In the west people are more sedentary and maybe they are more afraid of infinity. They appreciate everything they have, but sometimes they are not strong enough to rebel, that’s meant that they are afraid of freedom. Speaking about east the situation seems to be different. The person moves circularly.

The progression and desire for freedom can be found in his movement. Their will is the inner strength, which they used to see the word and faith. Their will is inside. It means that these people are hard to be broken and overpersuede to someone’s ”freedom”. Despite of everything their freedom and will longing is always staying inside. The eastern people may be geographically obstructed, but inside they aime have a wider chioce.

      The philosophy of existence or existentialism is very close to the concept of “freedom”. First of all, it shows us the life of the person its faith, the distinctive reality, which includes hunger, war and suffering. Existentialism appeared when people stopped believing in something, lived without hope and without God. It was the decade of lost sense of life.

        Dostoevsky said: “If there is no God, then everything is permitted”. it confirms The chaos, actions and deeds without any excuses can confirm this statement. If you don’t beleive in better future then you don’t have any support. The existentialists beleive that it is and it always will be like this. This contains the struggle against the universe, against the neglect for other person freedom and passion about fighting to be the top of the top, because everyone beleives that it is the best place.

        In my opinion “freedom” only characteristic of a person. The person pushes itself to a standstill, and can’t find the way out. This is not innated to animals. They are always ready to run away from hunters who can kill or captive them forever.

       The nature of entire person seems to have the spark that ignites him in becoming free and independent person. This person is able to take benefits of improving his life and the existence of their own decision. For animal the freedom is geographical space, survival and posterity. On the other hand the person can be free in his movements, but closed or limited in his thoughts.

        Berdyaev said “The person communicate with spiritual world and universe. The writer perfectly explains his existence idea as a need for freedom. He believes that there is no objective reality. It is the consciousnes illusion, the objectification of reality. In my opinion, these words explain freedom as an existing necessity. Berdyaev emphasizes that evil actually can be found in the natural fact of necessity.

        The sence of existence is a struggle for existence, despair, cruelty, suffering, and death. He says that “If a person with his spiritual possibilities of freedom appears in a world of mechanic, this world enslaves and destroys his spirit”. Finally, I believe that human freedom is its internal state, free-thinking and a state of mind. Freedom is the need for destruction of natural objectification, releasing from the subjective and the way of finding own way of thinking.

          Freedom is the same apathy that owns your spiritual life after reboring. You get freedom from the passion and state of temporary insanity. The freedom’s goal is to reach consensus with the world. The natural gift of apathy is not to become a good person. You can become a wise man , but it doesn’t mean that the person is the cleverest in the world. , on this basis can become a sage, but I say that it means to be a global mind and have a lot of knowledge to be the smartest. Of course, no. Such kind of person never pursued his objectives, he never trying to become rich.

         In the state of apathy the mind is interested in good design, good deed which help to reach the higher level of passionless feelings. The wiseacre can never be in the heat of passion. It is forbidden, because in this state you are impressible to all the sense: you can sympathize, sadden or suffer (for any reason). But I think that there is another side. It shows the horror of the situation. For example, all your family died on your eyes and everything you can say it was their destiny. It should have happened.

         Such kind of person will go on and never remember about this event. He doesn’t need to do this because it provokes sadness and sorrow. Such person doesn’t tolerate this. It is impossible. In my opinion, the only way to prescind from this is to train your spirit and mind every day, to try stay away  from the world, to meditate. However, the wiseacres’ overwhelming desire of being as a God, enlightenment indicates that true impassivity was not reached by them.

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