The phenomenon of nostalgia in post-soviet culture

sovietThe situation of “transition” happened after the fall of the Soviet Union had left us with the question of identity and values of the Russian society. While being unfinished, the transition keeps a vast amount of symbols and meanings affiliated with the Soviets, but still acting as the part of a new forming culture. Continue reading

Suicide in the context of T. Szasz’s anti-psychiatry project

suicidThe problem of suicide is not a central subject for T. Szasz. There are only two books devoted directly to the suicide problem in his numerous books: “Fatal Freedom: The Ethics and Politics of Suicide” (1999) and “Suicide Prohibition: The Shame of Medicine” (2011). But the importance of considering the problem of suicide in the framework of the anti-psychiatry project can be expressed in two approaches. First, a study of suicides and treatment practices to apply to people suspected of possible suicide or to who have failed to attempt suicide is based on the main thesis of T. Szasz about the myth of Continue reading

Moral aspect of belief concept

bileafThe belief is a universal phenomenon in life of human society. Being, first of all, fundamentals of any religion, she plays very noticeable role both in science, and in ordinary human life. The scientist, making any hypothesis, believes in its validity; putting a teapot with water on fire, we believe that in a few minutes he will begin to boil. In life of each person there are moments when he purely for practical reasons is forced to rely on trust. Continue reading

Methods to prevent and resolve conflicts at work and studying

konfliktEvery human being is a part of a certain social medium, a constituent part of a society. All people have their own views, beliefs, priorities, principles and desires. People are different as well as their characters are very dissimilar.

The character of a person consists of qualities that make him or her distinct from other Continue reading

Sense of Life in philosophy of Frank G. and M. Trubetskoho

vibirNow third everybody in our society begins to think of by the course of life. What aims to attain in this world, by whom to become, how to realize itself in society.

Therefore sooner or later we begin to think of by “sense of life in general” and by “sense of own life”. In a concept sense of life displayed the content of education fullness of life , understanding of setting in the world, values worth living. Continue reading

Person’s fear in front of leadership

fear-bossThe successful person must learn how to keep his word firmly and convincingly: straight posture, shoulders are straightened, self-confidence, and not to be afraid to face problems. Speak slowly, without panic, rehearse a speech as often as possible, expounding main ideas, guided facts and argument for all you are going to tell at the meeting. Confidence in one’s position or speech is good for the emotional and mental Continue reading

Mental, moral and psychological health

Mental healthAnnotation: The article examines the components of the moral and mental health and their manifestations and importance for man and society.

Health is an important human need, which determines its ability to productive work and normal life, provides a comprehensive personal development. Health provides opportunities to learn the world, found in its own place, be happy. Continue reading

Astropsychology moral aspects

astropsihAstropsychology. Yes? No? Maybe?

First of all, to talk about some phenomenon it is necessary to understand what does this phenomenon present. The subject of this article is the specific branch of human activity as astropsychology.

To get some answers to this question I went to the most common source – the internet. After discovering of loads of advertisement Continue reading

Theoretical concepts the sense of life: selfishness, altruism, conformism, etc.

happyEveryone interested in the question: “Why do I live on the Earth?”. We were given to understand it, the term “vision of life” in advance. Everyone differently discovers and understands the value. All factors that surrounds people: actions, moral value of life, behavior, thinking their existence and determine the meaning of his own life, his calling, purpose.

Other way, if a man be in unpredictable situations, loss of Mental Health (depression, Continue reading

Die Regeln des moralischen Selbstvervollkommnung

careraDer Prozess der Selbstvervollkommnung der Persönlichkeit des Menschen beginnt in dem Moment Ihres Lebens, wenn der Mensch beginnt zu begreifen die eigene Unvollkommenheit. Daher, versteht sie die Notwendigkeit für die Entwicklung und Bildung von individuellen Qualitäten und Eigenschaften, die helfen den Lebensstandard und würde einen gewissen Beitrag zur Gesellschaft als Ganzes zu Continue reading