Sense of Life in philosophy of Frank G. and M. Trubetskoho

vibirNow third everybody in our society begins to think of by the course of life. What aims to attain in this world, by whom to become, how to realize itself in society.

Therefore sooner or later we begin to think of by “sense of life in general” and by “sense of own life”. In a concept sense of life displayed the content of education fullness of life , understanding of setting in the world, values worth living.

Everybody exposes this question on it. In the sense of life I see, to got a good profession, become a good necessary skilled specialist, to help people that need it. I want to be useful to society. It is good to behave to the people, politely to communicate, to have good manners of behavior. Also to have the happy family.

This theme was investigated by S. L. Franco and G. М. Trubetskaya. They exposed this phenomenon on anything. Marked Free, that sense of life touched each in society. On his words normal life was destroyed in Russia. Before idealization of the modern future a surrender is opened. Sense of life is presented in the statement did not do wrong. An author asserts that human business consists in that, to find itself as personality in life.

Life must be blessing. If life made sense necessary terms. The first condition is existence of God. God is eternal life, light to the mind. The second condition is, that we are not only creation of God but also free participants of modern life. A Franc marks that substantial is opening of absolute depths itself. God is love. In awe Franc exposes the last secret of existence. After this theory we are not one unit with God, but also not removed from him.

Life has important sense, in fact God with us. Sense of life is not given, but set. Sense of life must be living. An author marks that sense of life for everybody this is the personal comprehension of life. For embodiment of sense life is needed integrity and harmoniousness. Without losses it is impossible to find essences of sense of life. Therefore a man elects calling in that acquires sense. In opinion of author for the improvement of sense cognition, exposure of potentials and setting, can help for existence.

According to Trubeckogo the state of the real estate is the emergency phenomenon. An author exposes the question of human existence, human individuality. It all due to human existence. He underlines that a man can not remain a man, she or over peers to God, or falls in a bottom and grows into a beast. It must be present blessing. It consists in ability to express sorrow and gladness.

In fact life and death it the eternal themes of spiritual culture of humanity. A man determines his setting in life, exposing the talents, controls the conversation and behavior and here remains by a soba. Exactly the system has the reason in sense of life. In fact every personality must have the course of life, that is sent to the idea of human dignity, is careful thought out. Therefore author it is said that sense of life this steady achievement of the greatest level of dignity – by combination individual and folk. Sense of life and sense consist herein nonsense.

So, sense of life depends automatically on each of us and it is fully individual. What we him will line up for itself such our life and it will be. Sense is this life that for the sake of what it costs us to live, result and summary of our acquisitions. Sense of life can not be invented. Sense it is better to form and plan on the draught of all life. Life each it is a not self-will, but blessing, responsibility to be a deserving citizen. Sense of life consists in that, to find oneself in this world. It is possible due to cognition, exposure of potentials and setting for existence.

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