Environmental ethics in Russian preschool Education

Environmental ethicsEnvironmental aspects have been included into the structure of Russian pre-school education since 1980s. Humans are considered as a part of the nature that should not harm the whole and the necessity of forming environmental consciousness, an ecologically literate and responsible person is emphasizing. Continue reading

University ethics 2018

studentThe concept of “university ethics” is connected with notions – professional ethics, academic ethics, university culture, corporate ethics, etc., but not the same thing.

University ethics and academic ethics are both private and general concepts of academic ethos. The subject field of university ethics is the principles of the development of knowledge, norms, values in the university. The place of the university in society is changing today. Continue reading

Conservative revolution ethics

ethics-KConservative Revolution” is community of the thinkers who have approved a new ethic and political position. Representatives of this movement see necessity of new gestalt dominance, namely, gestalt of Worker (Arbeiter). “Worker” is not conduct of life, it is style: total gestalt.

The “whole” before had been thought in Continue reading

The natural discipline teaching process for foreign students

studentIntroduction. Considering the processes of European integration in Ukraine and modernisation of modern higher education in our country, the level of foreign students preparation in Ukraine, too, has to meet this imperative of our time.

The main conflict of the natural discipline teaching process for foreign students lies in the immediate need for rapid acquisition of knowledge and restricted capabilities of foreign students in grasping this knowledge Continue reading

Repeal of Rent Control: Does Theory Matches Reality?

Rent ControlEconomics theory considers rent control as a form of inefficiency and distortion to the economy as a result of government intervention. It argues that rent control causes housing deterioration and abandonment of buildings which leads to decay and gradually destroys the city.

However, the reality seems to differ from the theoretical framework in the case of Malaysia. The repeal Rent Control Act 1966 in Malaysia since January 2000 has caused rent in ‘pre-war’ buildings, built before 1948, to increase Continue reading

Creating Islamic Identity

islamAsiaMost of works on violent conflicts tend to begin with an assumption that ethnicity, religiosity, and nationality have to with the sources of the conflicts. Because the way the studies see the conflicts, they are then called “ethno-nationalist conflict” studies. In this way, conflicts in the Middle East are “Arab-Israeli conflict” or “Arab-Palestinian Conflict”, the conflict in the Balkan “Muslim-Christian Conflict”, the conflict in Rwanda “Hutu-Tutsi Continue reading

Resolving the Disputes in International Intellectual Property Rights

Property RightsThe main purpose of this paper is to analyze the actual process of resolving intellectual property right disputes among nations. International regimes such as WTO and WIPO are built to play a significant role in solving intellectual property right problems between countries.

However, there exist limitations of international regimes in resolving the international intellectual property right disputes, since the interests of various Continue reading

Diplomatic writing for high school students

writingDIntroduction. Each English teacher is sure to ask him/herself such a question over and over, “What can I do to provide an incentive to real effort?” S/he has to think over the lesson plan that actively involves each student in letter writing task and stimulates teacher him/herself to eagerly teach new useful things. In the problem of making students persuasive letter authors there are three factors: the subject material used by the Continue reading

Expectation: ethical aspects

expectationExactly a century ago, there was a significant “reformatting” of both the entire social space and the world outlook of Russians. And it was precisely this kind of breakdown that none of the faithful sons of the country seriously foresaw.

Оutlook on life of Russians of the early Continue reading

Value conflicts in the publication ethics in modern university

plagiat23The desire to ensure the high quality of scientific literature determines the formation and cultivation of the values of publication ethics in the modern academic community. Back in 1997, the International Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) was established, which has been advising editors and publishers of scientific literature on issues of Continue reading