The moral aspect of the human’s fear of death

DeathAt the begining of discussion of such a complex theme as the moral aspect of the human’s fear of death firs of all we need to answer some important questions. They are: “What is morality?”, “What is fear?” and, last but not least, “What is death?”. If we will be able to answer those questions we will be able to understend all the complexity of this elements. But we, of course, should not forget that different folks, cultures and nations maintain different moral values. However, despite of this the fear of death is crosscultural. Continue reading



几千年来人类关注的问题:罪恶和信仰的善良和邪恶,司法、真相、爱的环境、自我牺牲,要有个人主义、悔罪、赎罪,鼓励哲学家反映的定义相反,其起源和原则。 艺术家和推动创造力。 Continue reading

Moralność i egoizm

egoistW dzisiejszym świecie bardzo trudno nie spotkać egoistyczne osoby. Wszystkie są w pewnym stopniu, chociaż niektóre w większą, a niektóre mniejszą egoistyczne. Stało się to w naszym społeczeństwie, każdy dla siebie, każdy opłaca się zrobić tak, że będzie lepiej, pomimo zakazu niektórych ustaw, a przede wszystkim norm moralnych społeczeństwa, powstaje więcej niż kilkanaście lat. To moralność może pokazać, gdzie środowisko, społeczeństwo wykształcony człowiek w toku osobniczego rozwoju.

 Moralne – tworzone wspólne zasady, które zostały ustanowione w historycznym rozwoju ludzkości, które Continue reading

Analysis of moral language in metaethics

langv‘I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.’
Johann Goethe,

When I’m thinking about the phenomenon of moral language – lines from a poem of the famous Russian poet – Vladimir Mayakovski – come immediately to my mind: “what is good and what is bad”. Remember? This phrase has become a common like Shakespeare’s one: “to be or not to be”. Continue reading

Traditions and discursive legitimation of moral norms

etiikkaEverybody knows that moral norms and laws regulate relations between society and man and relations between people. Actually moral appears as reflection of subjective morality, as inside personality moral. And moral is just an accumulation of historical standards, certain rules that are generally regulate behavior, relations in society. Moral – is a thing with a cultural beginning that is Continue reading

Ethical and philosophical doctrine of Francis Bacon

francis_bacon1Many problems of morality studied English philosopher Francis Bacon, who dedicated this issue some of their work “experience or teaching moral and political”, which is in itself an essay on ethical and socio-political issues and “Experiments and learning”, which consists of his short essay in which the philosopher puts their consideration of morality and politics.

Francis Bacon wrote about death and human nature, and favor his views, good nature and kindness, habits and education, manners and morals, love and happiness, friendship, cunning, Continue reading

Gilyarov Oleksiy philosophy and ethics

GilyarovGilyarov Oleksiy Mykytovych is famous Ukrainian teacher, philosopher, writer, the first academician-philosopher of the all-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He was born in 1855 in Moscow. His father, became the Slavophile, publicist, theologian Mykyta Petrovich Plyarou-Platonov. O. Gilyarov studied at Moscow University. Then he continued to gain knowledge in the French capital ‒ Paris, a well-known psychologist and psychiatrist G. Sharko. Then, from 1883 to 1887 he worked as a privat-docent at Moscow high school, lectured on Aristotle and Plato, lectures on aesthetics. In addition, he taught Russian and ancient languages, logic, pedagogy, philosophy, history of philosophy in Continue reading

Doctrina ética y filosófica de Gregory Konysky

Gregory KonyskyGregory Konysky – un prominente líder y pensador ucraniano y bielorruso. El hombre que ha hecho una gran contribución al desarollo de la ciencia y todo connection ella. En ciencias tales como la lógica, la ética y la filosofía natural que aprendió sólo para las cosas terrenales naturales y los problemas humanos. Filosofía Interprytuvav como la ciencia del hombre, la felicidad humana y todas las cosas terrenales.

De acuerdo con la visión Konysky A.G. – el mundo es material y la materia es completa como todas las cosas terrenales y celestiales, porque consisten en Continue reading

P. V. Kopnin ethical and philosophical doctrine

KopninWhat place does the dialectic take in the philosophy? To truly understand this question, you need immerse yourself in ancient times. However, sufficient enough to consider the well-known figure P.V. Kopnin who, worked in the 60s of last century, made a significant contribution to the logic of scientific research of USSR and the result – extended philosophical thoughts and ideas of that time.

A lot of attention in the dialectic as “art of speaking” the philosopher devoted to the logic of scientific knowledge and methodological Continue reading

Moral face of modern economist

econom21 century difficult enough time, change of the mode of the state, change of moral of people, culture, them vital principles. Through that that quickly changes science, technologies occupy the first places in almost all spheres of vital functions of people, cardinally changes and man and his behavior in various situations.

Most interesting is moral development of Continue reading