Purpose of Ethics

ethics-KEthics is science, and you need to consider it when you think about her main tasks. As we can see in the scientific field there are two levels , empirical and theoretical, which correspond to different forms of cognitive tasks and activities.

The empirical level Concerning research of empirical level here is performed by way of Continue reading

Moral luck and military education

etiikkaIn this paper I argue that military ethics education serves, will serve and should be understood, designed
and provided as a minimum standard to prevent soldiers from committing morally impermissible and horrendous acts in combat situations. Continue reading

The nature of moral rights in the interaction context

ethics-KThe relevance of the study. Luminary thoughts in the society is a man, smart, whimsical ,and helpless, but with a special, characteristic only for her character and world view. The goal is to determine the interdependence of social relations and of human nature.

Character is a skeleton of the human Continue reading

Sense of Life in philosophy of Frank G. and M. Trubetskoho

vibirNow third everybody in our society begins to think of by the course of life. What aims to attain in this world, by whom to become, how to realize itself in society.

Therefore sooner or later we begin to think of by “sense of life in general” and by “sense of own life”. In a concept sense of life displayed the content of education fullness of life , understanding of setting in the world, values worth living. Continue reading

Moral tasks of the translator

transleterProfession and professional ethics.

At the beginning of this work, I consider it necessary to answer the following questions: “What does the word profession mean”, “What is professional ethics,” “? What created the concept” and “is it inherent in all professions?” Continue reading

Moralische Aspekte der Sozialer Entwicklung

Sozialer EntwicklungSozialer Entwicklung findet sich heutzutage in vielen Aspekten menschlicher Leben statt. Man versteht unter diesem Begriff alles was mit der Entwicklung zusammenhängt – Entwicklung der Industrieller Sektor, Entwicklung der Pädagogik, Entwicklung den Streitkräften, Entwicklung der Medizin und so weiter.

Dadurch aber dass wir uns gerade mit dem Wort „Moralisch“ bzw. mit „Moralischer Aspekten“ beschäftigen, würde ich Sie aufs folgende Frage zu stoßen: Continue reading

The Intellectual Love of God

Spinoza2Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza is one of the most famous philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment, he is also outstanding metaphysician. Baruch became famous as a figure who studied rationalism and naturalism. His base works are ” On the Improvement of the Understanding “, “Theologico-political treatise” and “Ethics”.

Spinoza used geometrical method in his work, like Euclid, and built a number of philosophical theories, each is based on another one. Continue reading

John Rolls „ Die Gerechtigkeitstheorie“

John-Rawls-1John Rolls war bekannte Vertreter der englichen amerikanischen politischen Philosophie. Er lerne Philosophic der Schwierigkeitsuntersuchung von der Logik end Sprache. Weiter beobachtete John solche Frage wie Philosophie und Ethik der Politik. Das Hauptthema seiner bekannten Werken wie z.B. „ Die Gerechtigkeitstheorie“ und „Politik des Liberalismus“ war die Suche der Anstiftungen von gerechten Gesellschaft und die Inszenierung des Moralargumentationproblems, die der Argumentation der Zweckmäßigkeit ausgeht wird. Continue reading

Analysis of moral reasoning in emotivism moral theory (A. Ayyer, B. Russell, Ch. Stevenson, R. Carnap, H. Reichenbach)

emotivismConsidering the moral judgments like components of emotivism theories of morality we must understand what is emotivism in general. The concept of emotivism defined as moral subjectivist theory which denies the objective meaning of ethical concepts; neo ethics is one of the way [1]. These ideas for this area originated in the mid of 18th century, and gained much publicity 20-50th of 20th century. All theories are based on three emotivismуs` features: the present and future are Continue reading

Mortgage in a moral sense

MortgageMortgage is а type of loans, where the loan granted for the purchase of certain real property. The main demand to get this kind of loan is conclusion of the contract, which documentary approves status of participants. Contract is produced by selected bank or financial institution. Continue reading