Mortgage in a moral sense

MortgageMortgage is а type of loans, where the loan granted for the purchase of certain real property. The main demand to get this kind of loan is conclusion of the contract, which documentary approves status of participants. Contract is produced by selected bank or financial institution. Continue reading

Attorney’s moral duty at different stages of legal proceedings

Attorney's moral dutyOne of the main components of the moral is moral consciousness. Its review and defined as an exclusive form of social consciousness and a system of ideas, opinions, thoughts, concepts, understandings about the correct behavior that met social norms.

If characterize moral consciousness in general, it should be noted its characteristic Continue reading

Justice: moral, legal and pedagogical aspects

femidaWe have to live in anxious times. Sometimes we can not even respond to many things at all because of the speed of our life. It seams that everything blends together in a huge road tunnel. The result of this is disbelief in yourself, friends, tomorrow, and even the future of our planet.

Nevertheless, what causes the real disappointment in life? In my opinion, it is iniquity. At some point we can come to decision that our heart is broken. It happened because we feel that someone is very unfair to us, someone has more money or gets more attention than we do. Sometimes we feel bad because someone is Continue reading

Forex market is moral or immoral

foreksThe relevance and problem statement. The decrease in the level of living of the population, sharp social and economic change and the crisis of modern society have altered the attitude to easy money in Ukraine and all over the world. Since now extends the trend of earning through the Internet, without making any effort, this business is booming, apparently he is Continue reading

Moral typology H. Bergson “The two sources of morality and religion”

BergsonEverybody of us belong yourself and a society equally. In the society we are in a continuous contact with other personalities, where appears mutual dependence.

Two morals have selected – the first and the second. The first moral is social, and the second – human.

There is such concept as responsibility. It know how relationship between us and the society, though, above all things, this relationship with oneself. Therefore, a social moral was accused in neglect of individual responsibility. But habit is suffice, and we often can only follow the normal flow of things, to give the society what Continue reading

Theoretical concepts the sense of life: selfishness, altruism, conformism, etc.

happyEveryone interested in the question: “Why do I live on the Earth?”. We were given to understand it, the term “vision of life” in advance. Everyone differently discovers and understands the value. All factors that surrounds people: actions, moral value of life, behavior, thinking their existence and determine the meaning of his own life, his calling, purpose.

Other way, if a man be in unpredictable situations, loss of Mental Health (depression, Continue reading

Theoretical ethics problem

etiikkaGood and evil, morals and ethics are the notions which made many scientists meditate that because a stimulus for the beginning of such science as ethics.

Ethics is quite an interesting science which investigates vital values, helps evaluate properly and analyze one or another vital situation that appears in the society from Continue reading

The philosophical character of ethics

ethics-To my mind, it’s happened very funny situation. If consider that my relations with philosophy haven’t had good results from the second year of my study at university. I don’t understand the main idea of philosopher and especially the specialty of a philosopher. To be a philosopher for me is nothing useful to do and simply think Continue reading

Etyczne aspekty przyjaźni

FraindsAnalizując zabytki literackie można powiedzieć, że przyjaźń zawsze czczony jako wielkiej wartości moralnej i społecznej. Arystoteles poświęcił dużo wiedzy czasu przyjaźni, bo myślałem, że to najbardziej niezbędne do życia.

Arystoteles pisał: Continue reading

Cel celów ludzkiej działalności

vibirCzłowiek – istota złożona, mająca umysł, emocje, wolną wole, która tak jak każda inna, dla życia ma postawić przed sobą cel i dla przedłużenia istnienia – go osiągnąć.

Działalnością można określić aktywność, która przejawia się w zdolności człowieka do bycia źrodłem zmian w życiu. Osobą jaka prowadzi działalność nazywa się każdego kto żyje. Istnieje aktywność społeczna – sposób odnoszenia się osoby do swiata, który jest realizowany w środowisku społecznym i wyróżnia się zobowiązaniem do działania. Ona Continue reading