Communication ethics in digital age in 2018

communication in chatThe rapid development of communication technologies left an indelible imprint on the praxeological field of modern man, primarily due to the ever-increasing speed of information exchange and the involvement of the masses, which are integral components of such practice as Internet communication, which is a truly unique phenomenon, due to the formation of a continuously developing global network culture. Continue reading

Ethical image of space hero: the soviet cosmonaut in media

kosmonavt-sssrThe new Russian Federation Astronauts Regulation was published in 2017, it focused on the rights and duties of astronauts among which are propaganda of RF’s advances in manned cosmonautics and observance of the professional ethics code.

The first USSR Astronauts Regulation was confirmed in 1960s, it positing that astronaut candidate must have an impeccable ideological reputation, which is the foundation of professional ethics. 1960s is Continue reading

The complementarity of Husserl’s ethics and metaphysics

Edmund-Husserl1In this report we will consider the early ethics of E. Husserl and the question of the relationship of ethics and metaphysics in phenomenology. Previously phenomenology was considered as a purely epistemological project, not connecting with ethical issues. Recently the situation has changed. There have appeared studies in which phenomenology is regarded as a teaching with a strong ethical background and even as a whole practical discipline.

As for Russian studies on this topic, we are forced to state that there are very few of these studies. Continue reading

Bioethical dilemma of the formicaries

formicariesFormicaries are devices in which live colonies of ants. An exit out from formicaries of insects is not possible; they receive both water and food from the outside. Initially with formicary professionals made experiments. However, today formicary sells the Internet, advertizes as a good gift to children of 7 years. Question: Is it possible to sell from the ethical point of view what was originally created for scientific experiments? Answers mean an ethical dilemma. Continue reading

Minimizing contradictions in bioethical discourse

bioeticsGeneral development of science, breakthroughs in medicine and biology, creation and widespread of new technologies in the latter third of 20th century – all this has significantly changed the interactions between mankind and nature and between the man and his body. The new context raises the eternal questions about life and death, health and sickness; changes the experience of pain and transforms the reflection of suffering. Continue reading

Moralism as a consequence of Morality

etiikkaThe concept of moralising is at the moment insufficiently developed. As the domestic researcher Soina O. notices. With, the ethical theory there is not enough analytics of this phenomenon. From available encyclopaedic material and journalism it is easy to mark out, at least, two points of view for this phenomenon: as on rhetorical reception and as on expression of a repressive form of Continue reading

Moralne i etyczne poglądy Tarasa Szewczenka

shevchenkoRodzicielskie doświadczenie szkolenia moralney i etyczney kultury jest znaczące. Możliwośći zastosowania tego doświadczenia bada nauka ethnopedagogics. Wielu czasu pytania o moralnym i etycznym rozwoju kultury na Ukrainie potrzebowały uwagi, a sukcesy w dziedzinie wychowania moralnego, a także historii, filozofii, pedagogiki ludowej, kultury i sztuki – były ignorowane.Wielu znanych postaci zostali zmuszeni wyjechać za granicę z powodów ideologicznych, niektórzy zostali represjonowani. I tyłko teraz dostaliśmy możliwość badać ogromny pokład kultury i odnieść się do dużego krajowego doświadczenia edukacyjnego, które było wygenerowane naszymi przodkami. Continue reading

Purpose of Ethics

ethics-KEthics is science, and you need to consider it when you think about her main tasks. As we can see in the scientific field there are two levels , empirical and theoretical, which correspond to different forms of cognitive tasks and activities.

The empirical level Concerning research of empirical level here is performed by way of Continue reading

Moral luck and military education

etiikkaIn this paper I argue that military ethics education serves, will serve and should be understood, designed
and provided as a minimum standard to prevent soldiers from committing morally impermissible and horrendous acts in combat situations. Continue reading

The nature of moral rights in the interaction context

ethics-KThe relevance of the study. Luminary thoughts in the society is a man, smart, whimsical ,and helpless, but with a special, characteristic only for her character and world view. The goal is to determine the interdependence of social relations and of human nature.

Character is a skeleton of the human Continue reading