Ethical, pedagogical teaching of V.O. Suhomlinskiy

suhomlinsky V.O. Suhomlinskiy is a great teacher, he believed that the teacher is the most important and worthy position under the blue sky. There are many different problems in his writings. One of them, in my opinion, it`s the problem of professional ethics of teachers, their cultural activities and communication with young people, children. He is a talented, sincere, humanistic person who reveals the essence of teaching ethics, shows the romantic side of this profession in spite the specific nature or stages.

So he began to realize a book on teaching ethics, although it did not enter into the world, but he dedicated it to his wife that he loved above all. The main of the ethical and pedagogical teaching is his world, skills, his spiritual equipping, culture of language, speech and communication, self-improvement and self-realization. In his books “Heart give children” and “How to Raise a Real Man” Suhomlinskiy illuminates efficiency and specificity, justifies some ethical standards. He is a teacher with a great soul and a good heart; he conveys a love for children, a positive perception of everything that happens in their lives.

Speaking of which, the main qualities that are necessary for the formation of teaching ethics is – humanity. I think that there is a really good foundation laid. Because there is a question of a wise, good love, which teaches us to live. Because ethics teaching cannot exist without love as well as a singer without hearing, a painter without perception of color. According Suhomlinskiy, every child is a priceless gift, the most defenseless creature on earth, the beginning of something new. Therefore, the task of the teacher is to give the child the initial idea of a human attitude to themselves and others. The education depends on the improvement of our people and our country.

“You will be a loving teacher of children, if you take care of them and they are able to discover and learn. If a long time do not have any interesting changes in the eyes of children, if the last day nothing is added to the previous one, it is likely they did not become interesting. Hearts and minds of children can be conquered by the intellectual enrichment, which opens many new qualities. In fact pedagogical teachings are a self teacher in various forms of work and communicate with others.

However, Suhomlinskiy primed professional ethics as a set of moral positions, different approaches, individual forms and methods. Teaching ethics – is, figuratively speaking, an interaction and master object over which it works. Basil Suhomlinskiy created a psycho-educational system where everything is directed around the child. It is very powerful and humanistic education based on the philosophical truth.

Education and child development – is a harmony of mind and his heart, which feels love for children, despite images.

Suhomlinskiy is a person who always on the side of sincerity, commitment, on the side of the younger generation – our children. He always pushed and urged others to be patient as ethical teaching of small children is very troublesome work. However, it is worth it. Children must be ethically educated, polite, not indifferent.

I often recall his words “We, the teachers need to develop, deepen our teaching ethics, argue human beginning in education as the most important feature of pedagogical culture of each teacher” .They can consider them as adjusting wishes for people who want to see their children of famous teachers, experts of ethical endeavors, talented people. The basic of these ethical teachings of Suhomlinskiy is the child’s feelings, her emotional and spiritual culture; the main aim of it is human education. And a justification of beautiful is the foundation, without which feelings to all valuable remain invisible, this law will educate the younger generation of our country.

Suhomlinskiy shows that we should not give the child feel worse than peers, even she is the slowest, and we cannot humiliate the dignity of the child because the baby is not in the blame. It is necessary to support the child as often as possible until her success. Teaching – is a child`s labor, therefore, it should be as her joy, success, overcoming. It`s result means reliability and achievement of children’s joy.

So, the method of Suhomlinskiy is aimed at increasing of child mental work, train the mind and the heart to work, to find a child’s love for headwork, and views, their full cooperation. The ethical teaching of Suhomlinskiy says, we should take care of each other, take care of our children…

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