Intuitionism in ethics

BergsonIntuitionism is an idealistic way which was popular during XIX-XX centuries. Active development of science, breaking outdated rules. Spreading techniques and mechanic manufacturing, all these aspects had great influence on appearing such doctrine about moral duties that can be directly discerned. Intuitionism is like an opponent for logics that had a great influence for the whole world.

Intuitionism in different ways has different meanings. For example, philosophy understands it as the direction that proves that it is impossible to observe the world through the science. The science gives us specific understanding of different facts and actions while the intuition helps us to catch on everything and to make the whole understanding of the world. It can be called subconscious perception. Art intuition is a subconscious attitude towards artistic creativity. It means that the world is especially understood in art activity. Our life is typical without intuition that gives us an opportunity to absorb the meanings of different things. It has in itself the parts of esthetic rating. Our life is art an ecstasy. We ought to have natural position, ability to pass through ourselves everything in that we perceive.

The moral categories and meanings in ethic differ throughout idea of intuitionism. It is difficult to understand their meanings and decompose into parts. Only intuition can help in such situation. Every category, idea can’t be explained as goodness is goodness, harm is a harm, duty is a duty. It is like every word has its own sense and there is no necessity to explain it in other words.

Relationship among people and self-knowledge give us simple and understandable conceptions. Goodness is doing our duties or our duty is solving duties. It is easy to get confused in such way of thinking. Morality doesn’t have any attitude to social standards. Moral duty is an individual thing and treats to every person absolutely of sociality. Everybody feels and choose be his or herself.

Every person has seven main duties according to intuitive points of view. They are don’t do harm because only goodness can save our lives; can justly distribute goodness and harm; always say the truth; be honest and obey promises; if you do harm to somebody, compensate it; be thankful for everything done for you and work on your own develop yourself. In my opinion, these duties don’t lose its importance in any time. Moreover kind, fair, honest and smart people are always needed for development of our society, culture and even the whole world. Of course, everybody has his or her right to do the correct choice, follow the rules or not and believing intuitionism exactly can do it. Person feels initiatively is it right or not.

The name of Henri Bergson is closely connected with the idea of intuitivism. He was French philosopher, Nobel laureate. He pointed out three methods of knowledge: intelligence, instinct, intuition. Intelligence is bared of art. Instinct understands the world on subconscious level. Intuition is higher formation. Intuition is an instinct that realized itself, subconsciously is managed by person and depends on the out world and peoples’ experience. Henri Bergson considers intuition very insured because it has art potential, possibility to explore the while world.

Intelligence is one of the basic stages for intuition. It helps us to do correct conclusions. They ate right because thanks for intuition we feel necessary and basic things. On the other hand intuition has also bad points. It is lasts for a shot time and in can’t be controlled by us. Intuition is individual for everyone and doesn’t depend on sociality. Furthermore, it can appear unexpectedly or not come when we need it at all. Maybe that’s why people don’t pay attention for intuition so much. Henri Bergson supposed that intelligence and intuitive must go along each other. Only in this way person can achieve balanced personal development.

The philosopher referred to esthetic perception due to the fact of person’s possibility to judge the reality, contact with it, moreover, to have artistic desire thanks for intuition. It is expressed not only in perceiving the shape, color, movement etc. and in ability to see in art some aim, to feel that the art introduces the life and endowed by life itself. We can catch it on it intuitively, to see all visible and invisible signs.

He proposes to avoid concepts, generalizations as these words make difficult to perceive the world. The hero of famous novel “The picture of Dorian Grey” Henry Wotton told Dorian that there is no need to name any thing, action or feeling. If we give name for something, he limits it, makes some flames, and it is not easy to see what this thing means and what doesn’t include these flames.

An artist is a unique the person. He or she has its own intuition and capable to admit entire world in simple forms, give others possibility to notice typical things something obscure. The artist creates its own world relying on other people, having with that this invisible connection. It helps people to understand that world. How is the intuition connected with this case? The answer is easy. It helps to make the right choice.

Intuitionism was the most influential idea of 20th century. He suggested escaping clear definitions of moral categories in ethic science. Person can feel what is what intuitively. Henri Bergson considered intuition by adding instinct. So it is possible to make conclusion of intuitive intellection of morality. Group subliminal mind taking in models of kindness and harm, obligatory, honesty and so on. Intuition connects with the subconscious part of the mind. Also, intuitionism gave good moral obligations and, maybe, if everybody follows them our life will be better and more comfortable.

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