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Communication ethics in digital age in 2018

communication in chatThe rapid development of communication technologies left an indelible imprint on the praxeological field of modern man, primarily due to the ever-increasing speed of information exchange and the involvement of the masses, which are integral components of such practice as Internet communication, which is a truly unique phenomenon, due to the formation of a continuously developing global network culture. Continue reading

Ethical image of space hero: the soviet cosmonaut in media

kosmonavt-sssrThe new Russian Federation Astronauts Regulation was published in 2017, it focused on the rights and duties of astronauts among which are propaganda of RF’s advances in manned cosmonautics and observance of the professional ethics code.

The first USSR Astronauts Regulation was confirmed in 1960s, it positing that astronaut candidate must have an impeccable ideological reputation, which is the foundation of professional ethics. 1960s is Continue reading

Value oscillation in «metamodernism»

oscillationIn the article there is the identification of the axiological foundations of the concept of metamodernism. Metamodern is the latest reaction on all contexts of existence, but its value bases are still not clear. The concept of metamodernism developed such personalities as: Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker in their works they only noticed that the man in the era of metamodern is between the irony of postmodernism and naive romanticism. Continue reading

Ethical issues of e-service development

eserviceRelevance of the problem: In recent years, the level of technological progress has reached astonishing heights, especially in the field of “high technology”, the development of information systems and software.

As a result, changes caused have affected all spheres of human activity, and what until recently seemed unrealistic and was mentioned in fantastic works and forecasts of futurists, has become a part of our daily life.

The use of various information systems is now an Continue reading

Morality in field of social policy

moral-peopleThe historical, political and social events of the 20th century opened a new phenomenon to the scientific world – applied ethics. The society faced with previously unknown situations and problems in different spheres (medicine, politics, ecology, business, journalism, art, etc.), which demanded not only a social, political decision, but above all an ethical one. Continue reading

The phenomenon of nostalgia in post-soviet culture

sovietThe situation of “transition” happened after the fall of the Soviet Union had left us with the question of identity and values of the Russian society. While being unfinished, the transition keeps a vast amount of symbols and meanings affiliated with the Soviets, but still acting as the part of a new forming culture. Continue reading

The complementarity of Husserl’s ethics and metaphysics

Edmund-Husserl1In this report we will consider the early ethics of E. Husserl and the question of the relationship of ethics and metaphysics in phenomenology. Previously phenomenology was considered as a purely epistemological project, not connecting with ethical issues. Recently the situation has changed. There have appeared studies in which phenomenology is regarded as a teaching with a strong ethical background and even as a whole practical discipline.

As for Russian studies on this topic, we are forced to state that there are very few of these studies. Continue reading

Levels and tiers in argumentation


Argumentation theory has a long history. In my view, the best way to describe its contemporary developments is by considering various theoretical perspectives and approaches. Now, researchers working in various areas investigate the issues of argument. Among them are philosophers, logicians, psychologists, linguists, political Continue reading

School mediation as an effective method to solve pedagogical conflicts

skol-konfDespite the fact that there are lots of discussions about the impact of school nowadays, it is hard to deny the importance of this social institute. The foundation of each school is a huge variety of pupils, their parents, and teachers, connected with formal and informal relationships. That is why a value conflicts become one of the most widespread kind of conflicts, and, at the same Continue reading

Aristotle and informal logic

aristotle_12016 year UNESCO declared the «year of Aristotle». The proposal to celebrate 2400 anniversary of Stagirite was presented by the National Commission for UNESCO of Greece with the approval of the «International Centre for Research Aristotle» of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Based and formed logic of Aristotle, as a way to protect the truth and expose the sophistry is relevant for more than two millennia. Continue reading