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Pyramid schemes and their moral subtext

money-pyramidIn the article we have characterized the pyramid schemes from a moral point of view; highlights the signs of pyramid schemes; analyzed their impact on the lives of citizens and the risk to which investors are exposed; emphasizes the need to be careful with such organizations and forming a critical attitude to the “easy money”.

Perhaps does not exist someone who would have never heard of pyramid schemes, Continue reading

Moral and psychological aspects of children’s and adult insults

neporozuminnyaThe emotional sphere is a phenomenon that consists of emotional conditional and feeling, that will become a character trait. An important thing is insult. It arose when we was children.

The scientists who engaged in problem the emergence of experiences and overcoming insults are O.A. Apunevych, S.A. Aheyeva, Anuashvyly A.N., M.S.Gritsenko, V. Hranskaya, M.A. Nabatov. Continue reading

Mental, moral and psychological health

Mental healthAnnotation: The article examines the components of the moral and mental health and their manifestations and importance for man and society.

Health is an important human need, which determines its ability to productive work and normal life, provides a comprehensive personal development. Health provides opportunities to learn the world, found in its own place, be happy. Continue reading

Astropsychology moral aspects

astropsihAstropsychology. Yes? No? Maybe?

First of all, to talk about some phenomenon it is necessary to understand what does this phenomenon present. The subject of this article is the specific branch of human activity as astropsychology.

To get some answers to this question I went to the most common source – the internet. After discovering of loads of advertisement Continue reading

Forex market is moral or immoral

foreksThe relevance and problem statement. The decrease in the level of living of the population, sharp social and economic change and the crisis of modern society have altered the attitude to easy money in Ukraine and all over the world. Since now extends the trend of earning through the Internet, without making any effort, this business is booming, apparently he is Continue reading

How to find a companion for life?

shlubikHow to find a companion for life? Probably each of us wants to spend all life side by side with correct person. Yes, exactly with CORRECT, because somehow we have an association with a particular image of a person who meets our notions of “soul mate”.

So, at first: in order to “attract” to our life Continue reading

Moral typology H. Bergson “The two sources of morality and religion”

BergsonEverybody of us belong yourself and a society equally. In the society we are in a continuous contact with other personalities, where appears mutual dependence.

Two morals have selected – the first and the second. The first moral is social, and the second – human.

There is such concept as responsibility. It know how relationship between us and the society, though, above all things, this relationship with oneself. Therefore, a social moral was accused in neglect of individual responsibility. But habit is suffice, and we often can only follow the normal flow of things, to give the society what Continue reading

Theoretical concepts the sense of life: selfishness, altruism, conformism, etc.

happyEveryone interested in the question: “Why do I live on the Earth?”. We were given to understand it, the term “vision of life” in advance. Everyone differently discovers and understands the value. All factors that surrounds people: actions, moral value of life, behavior, thinking their existence and determine the meaning of his own life, his calling, purpose.

Other way, if a man be in unpredictable situations, loss of Mental Health (depression, Continue reading

Theoretical ethics problem

etiikkaGood and evil, morals and ethics are the notions which made many scientists meditate that because a stimulus for the beginning of such science as ethics.

Ethics is quite an interesting science which investigates vital values, helps evaluate properly and analyze one or another vital situation that appears in the society from Continue reading

The philosophical character of ethics

ethics-To my mind, it’s happened very funny situation. If consider that my relations with philosophy haven’t had good results from the second year of my study at university. I don’t understand the main idea of philosopher and especially the specialty of a philosopher. To be a philosopher for me is nothing useful to do and simply think Continue reading