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Development of competition in local markets in Russia

Local government in the Russian Federation occupies an important place in thesystem of regulation of the economy. The authorities of the local self-government performsadministrative function in relation to the business, create conditions for development of competition and at the same time can act as a full business entity [8, p. 137].

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Dominants of moral consciousness in the revolutionary epoch of Russia

revolutionary RussiaThe revolutionary epochs in Russia were characterized not only by socio-political changes, but, first of all, by ideological challenges, by changing value paradigms, by transformations of moral consciousness and social morality. Each historical stage of revolutionary changes formed its moral dominants – values that are built into Continue reading

A woman in Russia: transformation of standards, values and ideals

RussiaWomanRevolutionary events of 1917 left no sphere of life in Russia unaffected and played a crucial role in altering the status of a woman in a newborn state. Gender standards existed in Russian imperialistic society became irrelevant what lead to an establishment of a new value system. After the revolution, men and women were equated in civil rights by law.

Even though the new rules were not always abided in practice, they definitely led to significant changes in societal attitudes towards women. From this moment on, they would be perceived as fully-fledged builders of communism. Continue reading

Social transformations in Russia at the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries

Russ-19cThe end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century was a time of social upheaval in Europe and in Russia, which, with a need, required not only philosophical reflections, but also social and sometimes personal choices, which could not but affect the definition of the main vectors of social and ethical thought. The “foreboding” of social change led to the search for solutions at the level of ideas. Continue reading