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Legitimization of Non-State Actors’ Warfare in the Just War Theory

2Last decades are characterized by in the number of military conflicts on religion and ethnicity, which lead to activation of non-state actors. These include international institutions, non-governmental humanitarian organizations, multinational corporations, and also terrorist organizations, guerrilla and separatist movements, the activity of which is accompanied by a large number of victims and destruction. Continue reading

The role of Traditional Values in the Context of Social Transformations

communication in chatThe article raises the problems of cultural diversity, as well as the transformation of multicultural values over many centuries. Significant influence on their formation had external and internal factors that could contribute to the emergence, development or death of various cultural values. The modern world is complex and diverse, the dynamic dramatic events of recent years have very Continue reading

Indigeneity in Social movement in Okinawa

okinawaDo Okinawans have the right for the self-determination? Who is the sovereign over the land, sky, and ocean in Okinawa? Okinawa has never given up their struggles to acquire the fundamental “human rights” that were disregarded and ignored from time to time under the name of “Japan-US peace treaty which caused colonial relationship of Okinawa with Japan under U.S. Continue reading

Morality in field of social policy

moral-peopleThe historical, political and social events of the 20th century opened a new phenomenon to the scientific world – applied ethics. The society faced with previously unknown situations and problems in different spheres (medicine, politics, ecology, business, journalism, art, etc.), which demanded not only a social, political decision, but above all an ethical one. Continue reading

Social transformations in Russia at the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries

Russ-19cThe end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century was a time of social upheaval in Europe and in Russia, which, with a need, required not only philosophical reflections, but also social and sometimes personal choices, which could not but affect the definition of the main vectors of social and ethical thought. The “foreboding” of social change led to the search for solutions at the level of ideas. Continue reading

Moral aspects of social tension

moral-peopleSocial tension manifests itself in people’s dissatisfaction with the existing situation. It is accompanied by the spread of negative social sentiments. As indicators of social tension, the report considers the following elements of the current social situation: satisfaction with the state of the country’s economy, satisfaction with the work of democracy in the country, satisfaction with the state of the health care system in the country, assessing Continue reading

Politics as a social phenomenon

politiksApparently, one of the most commonly used words in the lexicon of modern people is the word ‘politics’. People talk either about state policy or policy of parties. This can be old ladies-chat as well as the strategic session of state officials. So whether these talks are about the same thing, or some boundaries can be made in the content of this concept?  A long time ago the politics policy has become a phenomenon in society.  Continue reading

(Un)dead individual’s representation in social media

socialnetDigital media have significantly affected perception and identity of an individual. Evidently, rising predominance of online representation over real has its effects not only on individual’s life, but also on its afterlife appearance. I aim to study convoluted relations between an individual and its appearances in real and virtual spaces. Continue reading