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Ethics and Politics in Ibn Bajjah Philosophy

ibnu bajjah1The political and ethical thought of the Eastern (Arabic-speaking) peripatetic philosophy has a rich tradition. One of the most prominent representatives of this intellectual school was the Andalusian medieval thinker, scholar and politician Ibn Bajjаh.

The socio-political component of the methodology of Ibn Bajjah was formed both under the influence of the theoretical heritage of ancient Greek philosophy and the Falsafa tradition as well as on the basis of his own experience formed by long years of service at the court of the Almoravids as a wazir. Continue reading

The Soviet Coup as Critical Juncture in Modern Chinese Politics

Chinese PoliticsThe path of economic reform in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in recent years has been one of consistent, incremental change. However, this was not the case in the 1980s and early 1990s when the introduction of western-style market reforms had given rise to significant divisions in China’s top leadership and a general sense of uncertainty as to which economic path China would take. Continue reading

Politics as a social phenomenon

politiksApparently, one of the most commonly used words in the lexicon of modern people is the word ‘politics’. People talk either about state policy or policy of parties. This can be old ladies-chat as well as the strategic session of state officials. So whether these talks are about the same thing, or some boundaries can be made in the content of this concept?  A long time ago the politics policy has become a phenomenon in society.  Continue reading