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The Politico-Philosophical Treatise and Historical Chronicles (Aristotle and Niccolo Machiavelli)

PhilosBesides to philosophical genres, philosophers also turned to historical genres. We would like to focus our attention on several genres in the works of Aristotle and Niccolo Machiavelli – the politico-philosophical treatise and historical chronicles that are closely intertwined in the work of philosophers.

Analyzing the works of Aristotle (“Constitution of the Athenians” and “Politics”) and N. Continue reading

Ethics and Politics in Ibn Bajjah Philosophy

ibnu bajjah1The political and ethical thought of the Eastern (Arabic-speaking) peripatetic philosophy has a rich tradition. One of the most prominent representatives of this intellectual school was the Andalusian medieval thinker, scholar and politician Ibn Bajjаh.

The socio-political component of the methodology of Ibn Bajjah was formed both under the influence of the theoretical heritage of ancient Greek philosophy and the Falsafa tradition as well as on the basis of his own experience formed by long years of service at the court of the Almoravids as a wazir. Continue reading

Transversing Philosophy and Theology (abstracts)

phil-tholThe Composition of the Soul in Relation to its First Principles: Origen and Rational Essences

Origen of Alexandria maintained novel and complex theories about cosmology and ontology at a time of emerging orthodoxy in the history of the Church. His speculative work on God as well as the nature of being and beings laid a foundation for future Christian reflection.

His work even precipitated the Arian controversy of the fourth century, with both sides of the conflict Continue reading

Philosophy as a methodological basis of education in Ukraine

PhilosSociety can survive and develop only under conditions of adequate responses to the challenges of the social environment. The main characteristic of modern society is the rapid changes of ideas, information dissemination and accumulation of new knowledge.

These processes have spread around the world primarily due to intensive development Continue reading

Analysis of moral reasoning in emotivism moral theory (A. Ayyer, B. Russell, Ch. Stevenson, R. Carnap, H. Reichenbach)

emotivismConsidering the moral judgments like components of emotivism theories of morality we must understand what is emotivism in general. The concept of emotivism defined as moral subjectivist theory which denies the objective meaning of ethical concepts; neo ethics is one of the way [1]. These ideas for this area originated in the mid of 18th century, and gained much publicity 20-50th of 20th century. All theories are based on three emotivismуs` features: the present and future are Continue reading

The philosophical character of ethics

ethics-To my mind, it’s happened very funny situation. If consider that my relations with philosophy haven’t had good results from the second year of my study at university. I don’t understand the main idea of philosopher and especially the specialty of a philosopher. To be a philosopher for me is nothing useful to do and simply think Continue reading

Historical and philosophical analysis of the new England (America) settlement’s worldview

piligrimYa. Sobolevsky, PhD, Associate Professor Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

Annotation. The formation and development of the basic philosophical ideas of the first colonists on the basis of historical, literary texts have been studied. The historical conditions of formation of religious movement in Christianity – Protestantism, his basic ideas that influenced the origin of Puritan’s providential motives are studied. Political, Continue reading

Ethical and philosophical doctrine of John Locke

LockeThe philosophy of John Locke, as we see from his work “Essay Concerning Human Understanding“, which is completely impregnated certain advantages and disadvantages. One second and equally useful, such flaws are only theoretical side. It is always prudent and better abandon logic, it becomes paradoxical. Philosopher declares general principles that the reader will easily imagine that can lead to amazing performances; but whenever there are strange event, it seems they are about to appear, Locke tactfully derived on their Continue reading

Ethical and philosophical doctrine of Tommaso Campanella

Tommaso CampanellaFrom an early age interested Tommaso Campanella interested philosophy, only that part, which defended the idea of goodness and justice, truth and the order of true humanism and humanity. Talk and business philosopher do every effort to adopt them in the civil practice, which received constant persecution by the clergy and by the government official with whom he entered into a citizen bitter struggle for liberation from oppression Southern Italy the Spanish monarchy. Continue reading

Ethics and Philosophy of George Berkeley

BerkeleyGeorge Berkeley (1684 – 1753) “Being – meaning perceived”

Anglo-Irish philosopher was born in the English family of nobility in Ireland, studied in Dublin, a period of life taught theology, often traveled to France and Italy, was a missionary in North America has also been a bishop in Ireland. George Berkeley passed a hard way of life. He was strong-willed and courageous, had lots of knowledge of physics, mathematics, physiology and Continue reading