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Corporeal Rationality as the Grounding of the Principle of Equality in Locke

LokkMy paper takes a close look at the groundings of equality in John Locke’s political thought as well as in his epistemology.

Locke is commonly perceived as a great defender of equality as a principle – a principle which in his case has religious roots, as can be seen in his First Treatise of Government. In his book God, Locke and Equality, Jeremy Waldron appreciates that John Locke does not treat equality as something self-evident and provides it with a solid base. Continue reading

Ethical and philosophical doctrine of John Locke

LockeThe philosophy of John Locke, as we see from his work “Essay Concerning Human Understanding“, which is completely impregnated certain advantages and disadvantages. One second and equally useful, such flaws are only theoretical side. It is always prudent and better abandon logic, it becomes paradoxical. Philosopher declares general principles that the reader will easily imagine that can lead to amazing performances; but whenever there are strange event, it seems they are about to appear, Locke tactfully derived on their Continue reading