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Development of competition in local markets in Russia

Local government in the Russian Federation occupies an important place in thesystem of regulation of the economy. The authorities of the local self-government performsadministrative function in relation to the business, create conditions for development of competition and at the same time can act as a full business entity [8, p. 137].

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Modernization of higher education structure in Ukraine in the context of European standards system requirements

Abstract. The article gives an overview of some aspects of modernization of Ukrainian structure of higher education. It is stated, that modernization is changing in the context of the requirements of the European system standards. It facilitates the development of national cultural values, democracy and humanism as the major factors of civil society functioning.

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Knowledge management in government

Knowledge management is usually associated with the IT field, though it easily encompasses IT and nearly every other branch of a department or agency. Knowledge management is simply a practical, process-orientated approach to how agencies and departments capture institutional knowledge and learn from it. Knowledge management’s primary goal is to measurably improve individual and organizational performance.

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Defining Electoral and Liberal Democracy

GlobalizationWe are witnessing the global recession of democracy nowadays. That is why this phenomenon is something more than just a political regime that recognizes the principle of equality and freedom of all people and their active participation in political life. It is an aggregate of values that influence the process of how the society is functioning. Democracy became the doctrine that many countries are aspiring to implement. That is why understanding of the democracy is crucial in today’s political life. Continue reading

The Significance of the Professional Competences of the Phd Program in Religious Studies

studentsAny educational program should be oriented primarily on internal changes and the requirements of society.

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An Old and New Approaches of the Meaning of ‘The Politics of Identity’ and Its Place in the Political Discourse

PoliticalThe Politics of Identity is a new and modern phenomenon but with old roots. Many western scientists as Stanley Aronowitz, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Bronwyn Carlson, etc. have been trying to learn and explain this product of civil society.

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Reintegration Into One Cultural Space After The Division Of The Country. Vietnam’s Experience

National Identity in UkraineUkraine has faced an important issue of restoring territorial integrity. In case of a positive resolution of issues in foreign and domestic political spheres a humanitarian issue will also arise- the rapprochement and integration into one cultural space of various Ukrainian territories, including Donbas and Crimea.

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The Problem of Guilt and Responsibility in Postwar Germany

BerlinToday in the culture of modern society, on the one hand, the negative attitude to totalitarianism is declared, on the other hand, there is real danger of its restoration.

Some countries have endured the totalitarian period in their history, so the question of need of overcoming such a past as well as question of steady attitude towards this past are evident. Continue reading

Violence as a Noumenon

violenceThe presentation is devoted to substantiation and disclosure of the thesis that violence is an important factor of social and domestic life of a person is due to the fact that he is a thinking being, not the result of any special physical or social organizations.

The concept “violence” is used here as a generalized term for such concepts as aggression, destructiveness, cruelty. Continue reading

The Intentions of Social Revolutions: Freedom as A Condition for Changing Paradigms

PoliticalToday the political and social space of the world has unstable, internal political and social development.

Such instability of development is designated by unpredictability of the social world, his vulnerability from accidents. In many respects, the immanence of accidents is shown in consciousness of the individual which finds purposeful activity under the influence of the dominating social paradigm. Continue reading