Ethical Implications of Revolutionary Propaganda

propagandaIn general, propaganda is the dissemination of information with the purpose of influencing the target audience. The impact can be both positive and negative. Negative propaganda includes propaganda of religious, racial, national discrimination, etc. Such type of propaganda is prohibited by the legislation of many states. Continue reading

Social Media and Self-Esteem

Social mediaSocial media is something that is being used globally, every day. Social media is becoming more and more prevalent, especially during this generation.

There are many different ways that can people engage in social media. There are a number of different ways to access social media as well. There are millions of different sites people could be using that is considered social media. Continue reading

Trade Globalization, Internal Migration, and Regional Income Inequality in China

market-chinaIn recent years, more and more attention has been focused on the widespread and increasing income inequality in China. Many scholars have noted that globalization could help to explain the rising inequality in China. It may be true that globalization, unevenly concentrated in coastal urban areas, leads to uneven development at both intra-regional and inter-regional levels, and the uneven Continue reading

Applied analysis of a university structure

univerModern universities operate in challenging conditions of competition. University administration has to decide in accordance with the changes occurring in the environment. Using the strategic management allow to leadership of the university to transfer it to another qualitative state. There are many different frameworks and methodologies of strategic planning for successful university’s development. Continue reading

Myth and Realities of the Labor Supplies in the Era of Globalization: A Comparative Analysis of China and South Africa

AfrikaWorkeA recurrent theme in the globalization literature is that jobs and investment are being increasingly funneled away from wealthy and middle-income countries towards countries that boast large reserves of cheap labor, in particular, China. It is often argued that the failure of middle-income countries like South Africa, Mexico and Colombia to benefit from globalization rests Continue reading

The Effects of Group Cohesion and Experiential Learning Activities on Participation Styles in a College Classroom

fair-playAdventure education is a long standing form of education that has been used both internationally and throughout America more than many initially come to realize. Time and again adventure education has proved to have a diverse range of benefits to its participants. Continue reading

The role of Traditional Values in the Context of Social Transformations

communication in chatThe article raises the problems of cultural diversity, as well as the transformation of multicultural values over many centuries. Significant influence on their formation had external and internal factors that could contribute to the emergence, development or death of various cultural values. The modern world is complex and diverse, the dynamic dramatic events of recent years have very Continue reading

New Jersey Graduation Rates Amongst Minorities in Different Counties

studentOne of the uppermost factors in a family’s choice to come to America is living out the American dream. The American dream varies from family to family, but is generally defined as being successful and happy.

Recent studies found that the obstacles to obtaining the American Dream are more severe today than ever. Continue reading

Japan and China Rivalry in Building an Asian Community

N-AziaSince the economic crisis hit East Asia in 1997, East Asian states have begun to make efforts to build an East Asian community. In 1997 the Northeast Asian states of Korea, Japan, and China joined the ASEAN meeting and created ASEAN+3 framework. These thirteen countries decided to establish an East Asian Vision Group(EAVG) in 1998 and an East Asian Study Group(EASG) in 2001. With the two reports of these groups, the region has Continue reading

Korean Heritage Language Policy in Hawaii’s High Schools

HAWAII-HIGH-SCHOOLOther than the policy on Native American languages, there are very few policies in the U.S. that deal with the maintenance and development of languages other than English (Christian, 1999). The general attitude of the U.S. toward maintenance of heritage languages (HLs) is negative and supports rapid assimilation into English (Duesen-Scholl, Continue reading