Why do people choose to be homeless and do they for real?

homelessnessSo, we all basically agree that homelessness is an issue. And it is worldwide. But personally I do rarely think about it. And I’m sure that few of my peers think about that on a daily basis. And during my research for this article I figured that homelessness is real problem that we should think about, because this can happen to literally anyone. Continue reading

Life and stuff insurance moral aspect

insuranceIn human life there are always events that cause material damage and bear true threat. That why, long before it raises an important task to find ways to counter their influence. Insurance is one of the oldest categories of public relations. After all, it is an effective form of protection against the risks that threaten human life, health and disability of one of the most important tools to solve social problems in the world.

Today, the question that concerning the compensation for moral damage through Continue reading

Financial support of scientific activity in Ukraine

scienceModern history details the development of human civilization and human culture, shows us how people have gone evolution from cavemen to modern. As technology evolved, from the invention of the wheel – to travel in space. This path would have been impossible without the human desire to grow, develop. Without the desire to know the unknown, to expand knowledge create a unique and unprecedented and still no one had seen. It is this desire to the unknown person has formed a specific form of human activity, which is now called science. Continue reading

Value and esthetics of patriotic clothes

nacional-wearIn connection with particular ethnos, patriotism is formed not only by means of traditions, language, coloring, but also by clothes. All these factors have considerable influence on mind of neighboring nations. Each nation has its own certain traditions, faith and symbolism and appropriate clothing symbolizing the history of this very nation. The purpose of clothing is not only to get warm but to bring us the unique charm and aesthetic appearance.

Traditionally the most important ethnic identification of national clothing is supposed to be the color of material the clothing is made of. Both color and ornament were Continue reading

Style and image of a successful modern man

man-goodHumanity, which is developing, constantly changing, especially in the information society, absorbed all spheres of human life. Any event that occurs in the one place of the Earth in a few minutes will be known in the another one. Man’s image is not an exception. Nowadays, image is the business card in our society, which you should suit if you want to be successful. These two Continue reading

Ethical aspects of communism

communismIn modern society, the time when humanity begins to rule technique, the essence of the moral factor in life is beginning to fade and almost disappear altogether. However, the importance of the relationship between people becomes the power of public opinion. The relationship and mutual respect between people carried out in certain social situations, social and public Continue reading

Ethical and aesthetic traditions and rules of Brazil

brazilEthical and aesthetic values ​​of each people are an integral part of their culture. Arriving in the country, we always have to remember the characteristics of the people with whom we have to interact. It is well to known, that certain moral and ethical principles, gestures, facial expressions are interpreted differently in different countries. That’s why before the trip to the country you should Continue reading

Ethical and aesthetic traditions and regulations of Romania

romaniaRomania is a country of majestic cities and medieval locks, palaces and churches, national parks and reserves. Many name Romania the “Wild West” of Eastern Europe. Romania economically the not richest country, that is why it does not cost especially to demonstrate the prosperity. It is needed to get dressed more modest, and to hold a purse nearer to the heart.

In Romania very love guests. To their arrival Continue reading

Ethical and aesthetic traditions and regulations of Indonesia

indonesiaIndonesia is one of the brightest and creative powers in all of Southeast Asia. This country has a rich variety of traditions and rules, not to mention the colors of nature that surrounds this state.

Indonesia’s laws are not very different from the laws of other districts of regions. Although tradition and religion very similar. They are among the most complex and unusual. Continue reading

Where to invest money and time: in education or in some simple job?

moneyThis article discusses issues related to the settlement by investment funds, the importance of education for a successful life and inappropriate investing in some simple and easy job. It was analyzed data about the relationship of education and economy in the world, and data about the most and least prestigious professions in Ukraine. In the article was determined the advantages of Continue reading