Ethical issues of e-service development

eserviceRelevance of the problem: In recent years, the level of technological progress has reached astonishing heights, especially in the field of “high technology”, the development of information systems and software.

As a result, changes caused have affected all spheres of human activity, and what until recently seemed unrealistic and was mentioned in fantastic works and forecasts of futurists, has become a part of our daily life.

The use of various information systems is now an Continue reading

Morality in field of social policy

moral-peopleThe historical, political and social events of the 20th century opened a new phenomenon to the scientific world – applied ethics. The society faced with previously unknown situations and problems in different spheres (medicine, politics, ecology, business, journalism, art, etc.), which demanded not only a social, political decision, but above all an ethical one. Continue reading

The phenomenon of nostalgia in post-soviet culture

sovietThe situation of “transition” happened after the fall of the Soviet Union had left us with the question of identity and values of the Russian society. While being unfinished, the transition keeps a vast amount of symbols and meanings affiliated with the Soviets, but still acting as the part of a new forming culture. Continue reading

School mediation as an effective method to solve pedagogical conflicts

skol-konfDespite the fact that there are lots of discussions about the impact of school nowadays, it is hard to deny the importance of this social institute. The foundation of each school is a huge variety of pupils, their parents, and teachers, connected with formal and informal relationships. That is why a value conflicts become one of the most widespread kind of conflicts, and, at the same Continue reading

Ukrainian national identity between European values and «homo sovieticus»

Ukrainian nationalThese events have something in common, particularly the name: terrorism and violence. Although, they happened in geographically distanced countries of Europe: in France and Ukraine, they are bonded by the fact, that both of them have become the object of the terrorist threat. The international community shall do everything possible to prevent such acts of violence in any part of the world, Continue reading

Moral in the clash of values

ethics-KIn the context of the conflict’s need theory author of the theses tries to offer an analysis of the social and value conflicts’ moral factors influence, as well as to demonstrate that in this context moral factors act as an instrument of conflict, which is being exploited either for the sake of the conflict tension relief or for its strengthening. Continue reading

The moral attitudes influence to conflict human values

neporozuminnyaThe report shows that the opposite moral attitudes of groups occupying opposite positions in the social structure are associated with orientations toward opposite life goals. In contrast, intermediate moral attitudes and moral assessments of social groups occupying middle positions in the social structure are associated with an orientation toward a combination of opposing life goals. Continue reading

Social transformations in Russia at the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries

Russ-19cThe end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century was a time of social upheaval in Europe and in Russia, which, with a need, required not only philosophical reflections, but also social and sometimes personal choices, which could not but affect the definition of the main vectors of social and ethical thought. The “foreboding” of social change led to the search for solutions at the level of ideas. Continue reading

Moral aspects of social tension

moral-peopleSocial tension manifests itself in people’s dissatisfaction with the existing situation. It is accompanied by the spread of negative social sentiments. As indicators of social tension, the report considers the following elements of the current social situation: satisfaction with the state of the country’s economy, satisfaction with the work of democracy in the country, satisfaction with the state of the health care system in the country, assessing Continue reading

Social and moral Evil in the world

zlooLet’s start with an understanding of the concept of “Evil” in general.

Evil – is the diametrical opposite meaning to Good. They believe that there are three main types of Evil in the world.

The first type is a natural Evil. All those natural forces that destroy human well-being, and sometimes-even life. The human will and consciousness have no influence on such evil. Various natural processes occur, despite the human will or actions. Continue reading