How to find a companion for life?

shlubikHow to find a companion for life? Probably each of us wants to spend all life side by side with correct person. Yes, exactly with CORRECT, because somehow we have an association with a particular image of a person who meets our notions of “soul mate”.

So, at first: in order to “attract” to our life Continue reading

Historical and philosophical analysis of the new England (America) settlement’s worldview

piligrimYa. Sobolevsky, PhD, Associate Professor Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

Annotation. The formation and development of the basic philosophical ideas of the first colonists on the basis of historical, literary texts have been studied. The historical conditions of formation of religious movement in Christianity – Protestantism, his basic ideas that influenced the origin of Puritan’s providential motives are studied. Political, Continue reading

Truth as nonlinear process

TruthI. Dobronravova, Doctor of Science (Philosophy),
Professor Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

Modern changes of the epistemological foundations for nonlinear science are considered. Regarding truth as a process and taking in account that nonlinear dynamics is fundamentally multi-variant; author suggests the understanding of scientific truth as nonlinear process to correspond the specificity of researched processes of self-organization and of self-organizing cognitive processes. Continue reading

The moral aspects of inferiority and disability of human

invalidThis topic is very important, because after accident at the Chernobyl there are many young people with mental problems, musculoskeletal system development problems, and mentally retarded people. Negligence of doctors and women during pregnancy and childbirth should not be deleted,therefore topic “The moral aspects of inferiority and disability of human” is quite popular, despite the time. Continue reading

Problemas modernos de las relaciones morales

moral-peopleLos problemas y las crisis moral en las relaciones entre los individuos en esta etapa del desarrollo humano son muy importantes, porque incluso en las primeras etapas de nuestra especie que sueñan con una vida despreocupada, llena de significado profundo, el amor, en los principios de equidad y justicia. Continue reading

Ethical and philosophical doctrine of Tommaso Campanella

Tommaso CampanellaFrom an early age interested Tommaso Campanella interested philosophy, only that part, which defended the idea of goodness and justice, truth and the order of true humanism and humanity. Talk and business philosopher do every effort to adopt them in the civil practice, which received constant persecution by the clergy and by the government official with whom he entered into a citizen bitter struggle for liberation from oppression Southern Italy the Spanish monarchy. Continue reading

Filozoficzna doktryna K. Junga

jungK. G. Jung 26. 07. 1875 roku urodzenia, urodził się w mieście .

Po zakończeniu Bielscy gimnazjum, w 1895 roku wstąpił na uniwersytet.Całe życie marzył, by zostać chirurgiem, ale nieoczekiwanie rozwiązanie zmieniło. Pewnego dnia odbył praktykę w szpitalu i przygotowywał się do egzaminów, w jego ręce trafił podręcznik psychiatrii, dowiedział Continue reading

Ethical aspects of life imprisonment

kletkaNowadays the problem of imprisonment for life is very popular. The reason of that is because society has become more violent. Watching news, we can usually hear, that “Today was imprisoned for life a person”. But often people could be wrongly imprisoned. This can happen because of the bribe, either through deliberate label. However, question is “How to survive in such cruel Continue reading

Why do people choose to be homeless and do they for real?

homelessnessSo, we all basically agree that homelessness is an issue. And it is worldwide. But personally I do rarely think about it. And I’m sure that few of my peers think about that on a daily basis. And during my research for this article I figured that homelessness is real problem that we should think about, because this can happen to literally anyone. Continue reading