Can we blame robots?

robotDue to the impressive development of robotics and artificial intelligence (“AI”), those robots are emerging which are similar to human agents physically and cognitively. We are coming under pressure to consider whether or not sophisticated robots and AIs should have status as “person” that means being a moral or legal agent or patient (I treat moral one only in this paper). Continue reading

Crisis and revolutionary value

crisis12Crisis is an immanent part of our selves. It has become a daily experience, that is a feature of the everyday: we can see it in the media where it is represented in relation to politics, the economy, the law, religion and much else; we can feel it in the perception of difficulty which pervades the entire scientific (or, as one might have said of yore, “spiritual” or “natural”) system, by which I mean the essential part of our lives; and finally, we personally experience it in ways which often Continue reading

Political scientist – propagandist is good or bad

propagandistWhen I saw the topic of my essay, I instantly understand that working with this question will be very useful and interesting for me, because this topic, during a hard political situation in our country, is very important. That’s why the political scientists have a big impact on the average person, thus they can influence on the opinion about political situation in our country. Also political scientists are a powerful weapon in the information war. Continue reading

“Dominante sobre el otro” y su papel en el proceso de comunicación entre personas (O.O. Ujtomskiy)

comunicaciónEl destacado científico O.O. Ujtomskiy elaboró y estudió el principio de la dominante. Dominante es el foco de la excitación constante en el cerebro que recibe una posición de dominación temporal sobre sus otras partes transformándolas y dirigiendo su actividad. De este modo, partiendo de la definición de Ujtomskiy, la dominante es un deseo aparecido Continue reading

Measuring and bridging the gap between the real and imagined corporate identities

Identity is crucial for companies as it represents their public profile and business culture with which their product or service is constantly linked by consumers. The values that a company adopts are the basis of the company identity because they are what counts for the company, namely the ends or objectives that it aims to pursue.

Despite the importance of identity for economic performance, companies often are not fully aware of their identity. In addition, in many cases the corporate identity that is Continue reading

Methods to prevent and resolve conflicts at work and studying

konfliktEvery human being is a part of a certain social medium, a constituent part of a society. All people have their own views, beliefs, priorities, principles and desires. People are different as well as their characters are very dissimilar.

The character of a person consists of qualities that make him or her distinct from other Continue reading

Politics as a social phenomenon

politiksApparently, one of the most commonly used words in the lexicon of modern people is the word ‘politics’. People talk either about state policy or policy of parties. This can be old ladies-chat as well as the strategic session of state officials. So whether these talks are about the same thing, or some boundaries can be made in the content of this concept?  A long time ago the politics policy has become a phenomenon in society.  Continue reading

(Un)dead individual’s representation in social media

socialnetDigital media have significantly affected perception and identity of an individual. Evidently, rising predominance of online representation over real has its effects not only on individual’s life, but also on its afterlife appearance. I aim to study convoluted relations between an individual and its appearances in real and virtual spaces. Continue reading

John Rolls „ Die Gerechtigkeitstheorie“

John-Rawls-1John Rolls war bekannte Vertreter der englichen amerikanischen politischen Philosophie. Er lerne Philosophic der Schwierigkeitsuntersuchung von der Logik end Sprache. Weiter beobachtete John solche Frage wie Philosophie und Ethik der Politik. Das Hauptthema seiner bekannten Werken wie z.B. „ Die Gerechtigkeitstheorie“ und „Politik des Liberalismus“ war die Suche der Anstiftungen von gerechten Gesellschaft und die Inszenierung des Moralargumentationproblems, die der Argumentation der Zweckmäßigkeit ausgeht wird. Continue reading

Attorney’s moral duty at different stages of legal proceedings

Attorney's moral dutyOne of the main components of the moral is moral consciousness. Its review and defined as an exclusive form of social consciousness and a system of ideas, opinions, thoughts, concepts, understandings about the correct behavior that met social norms.

If characterize moral consciousness in general, it should be noted its characteristic Continue reading