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Violence as a Noumenon

violenceThe presentation is devoted to substantiation and disclosure of the thesis that violence is an important factor of social and domestic life of a person is due to the fact that he is a thinking being, not the result of any special physical or social organizations.

The concept “violence” is used here as a generalized term for such concepts as aggression, destructiveness, cruelty. Continue reading

Nihilism and Ontological Nature of Violence

ViolenceThe disclosure of ontological nature of violence is directly related to the problem of “ontological nihilism”. The term “nihilism” was put into philosophical lexicon by German philosopher F. Jacobi in the context of the message to I. Fichte, and was received the most significant and radical disclosure in the work of another German philosopher F. Nietzsche. Continue reading

Does Sexual Risk Among Girls with a History of Dating Violence Vary According to Childhood Maltreatment?

ViolenceChildhood maltreatment (CM) is associated with risky sexual behavior (RSB) in adolescence Negriff et al., 2015). Little is known about the association between types of CM and RSB among adolescent girls with a history of dating violence (DV). We examined whether RSB differed according to five types of CM for 109 girls (age 14-17) from a randomized controlled trial of an indicated DV prevention intervention. Continue reading

The principle of nonviolence as an imperative of survival

stopHumanity is a community. This community is constant interaction between people. Often interaction represents a contradiction that can lead to quite negative effects. Anyway, life is often associated with violence. Very often, as a way of resolving civil, interpersonal and national problems using force. So-called “traditional” just afraid of us. After all, how can we use force where the problem is solved several successful phrases? Continue reading