Bildung der ästhetischen Prinzipien der ukrainischen Volkspädagogik

art-gallDas achtungsvolle Verhältnis zu der Erde beweisen die alte Sprichwörter “Sin auf dem Boden – sie ist unsere Mutter”, “Erde bietet und es nimmt alles unsere Mutter Erde, alle Feeds und Liebkosungen “,” Wer auf der Erde sitzt er nicht herunterfällt.” Erde schwor das Land auf Wunden Erde angelegt, wie Wächter, nahm auf der Straße. Bei einem Treffen mit den älteren Kindern musste Bogen Hand und den Boden berühren, was bedeutete, dass Wohlstand Continue reading

Psychologism and aesthetics

aestheticsWhile learning scientific discipline such as aesthetics, I realized that first of all aesthetics science is philosophical science. It studies the nature of the aesthetic consciousness videlicet common functions and principles of human activities and society generally.

Aesthetics is the science about cognition of the world, creative attitude of any person to the reality, it is the science about conceptual and things that are not based on certain Continue reading

Aesthetics is a science of human exploration of the aesthetic world

Piccaso+PanyankyAesthetics is a traditional philosophy. It has a long history, rich not easy searching and original finds. But by the mid-eighteenth century. it is usually included as works in general philosophical content. In the XVIII century German philosopher and theorist singled O.Baumharten body of knowledge about human feelings and outlined the subject of science, which is now referred to as aesthetics.

The above-mentioned philosopher and the author of the doctrine in the name of the Continue reading

The concepts: “estetykos” – sensual, “estanomay” “estanome” “estasi”

By studying this discipline, as aesthetic, I found that aesthetics – is primarily a philosophical science. It examines the nature (ie functions laws – which are common, and laws) aesthetic consciousness (ie human activity and society in general).

Aesthetics is a science of understanding the world, the creative relationship of any Continue reading

Ukrainian and world fashion: common and different

ua-fashionAt first, I want to sort out, what is this “the fashion” and why everybody seek to be in fashion.

The fashion is no joke, it must be everywhere and for everyone, to show individuality of every person and accentuate merits. Continue reading

Value and esthetics of patriotic clothes

nacional-wearIn connection with particular ethnos, patriotism is formed not only by means of traditions, language, coloring, but also by clothes. All these factors have considerable influence on mind of neighboring nations. Each nation has its own certain traditions, faith and symbolism and appropriate clothing symbolizing the history of this very nation. The purpose of clothing is not only to get warm but to bring us the unique charm and aesthetic appearance.

Traditionally the most important ethnic identification of national clothing is supposed to be the color of material the clothing is made of. Both color and ornament were Continue reading

Style and image of a successful modern man

man-goodHumanity, which is developing, constantly changing, especially in the information society, absorbed all spheres of human life. Any event that occurs in the one place of the Earth in a few minutes will be known in the another one. Man’s image is not an exception. Nowadays, image is the business card in our society, which you should suit if you want to be successful. These two Continue reading

Skirt and pants the history of development

Skirt-pantsThings that are usual for us now were strange and unacceptable in the society hundreds years ago. So the history of skirt goes back to the ancient times, but its style was completely different and didn`t resemble modern version. What is more, there was no separation between male and female clothes. Men as well as women wore loincloth in ancient civilizations.

Only with the development and evolution of the aesthetic, ethical and religious ideas appeared first changes in clothes and a small hint on separation men`s from women`s. Exactly in these times Continue reading

Rising to fame of outstanding figures of fashion – Andre Tan

andre-tanThis article is dedicated to the once completely unknown young man, who appeared in the Ukrainian world of fashion and show business to great surprise of many people – Andre Tan.

I would like to start from noticing that the real name of the well-known all over Ukraine and the whole Europe designer is Andrew Tishchenko. This talented young man was Continue reading

Ethical and aesthetic traditions and rules of Brazil

brazilEthical and aesthetic values ​​of each people are an integral part of their culture. Arriving in the country, we always have to remember the characteristics of the people with whom we have to interact. It is well to known, that certain moral and ethical principles, gestures, facial expressions are interpreted differently in different countries. That’s why before the trip to the country you should Continue reading