Moral and Aesthetic Education

drowEducation is a process of organizing purposefully an interaction between an educator and a pupil that influences the conscience, subconsciousness, perceptional and motivational sphere of a pupil, with a view to form a scientific conception of the world, high moral qualities, social and professional personal traits. Continue reading

Physical Occurrence Factors and Development of Aesthetic Feeling

creativityAesthetic feeling is a feeling that inherent in a person as a result of the information, activity, action and attitude of the person perceived by him. Some idea of “feeling of beauty” and understanding of their own, personal opinion, inherent in the person, his own thought – it’s aesthetic feelings. The relation of the person to the action taken, the feeling, the feelings that have arisen and will be felt for a long period of time and also change. Continue reading

Literature, Interpretation & Character (abstracts)

art-litMonstrosity as Evil in Simone de Beauvoir‘s Ethics of Ambiguity: An Exploration of the Sympathetic Monster Humbert Humbert in Nabokov‘s Lolita

The focus of this paper is a phenomenological investigation into the monstrous nature of the pedophilic protagonist of Vladimir Nabokov‘s Lolita. Continue reading

Performance and Cinema (abstracts)

cinema-movieDynamics of a Performance

Should the dancer merge with the dance or be different from it? In the philosophy of dance, pertaining to the context of Indian Classical dances, I would like to focus on the dancer-audience relation and the dancer‘s relation to what she produces by way of performing. Continue reading

Aesthetics of Existence

ExistenceWhen Nietzsche said that man was something that should be overcome, he was just speaking about the concept of Foucault’s care, that is, to take care of himself, to reach the superman, who must overcome the human weakness, and instead reinforce a powerful force of his intellect, power, physical and spiritual abilities. Continue reading

Developing Libraries in Tibet

tibetOn July 1, 2006 the Qinghai-Tibet Sky Train made its inaugural run from inland China to the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Chinese government heralded the Sky Train as a marvel of modern engineering. However, in Tibet there were mixed reactions.

Some believe the train will help develop Tibet’s economy by improving access to goods Continue reading

Art (musical) Interpretation as a cultural phenomenon

ArtmusicToday the comprehension of the ontology of a work of art is of a great concern to artists, in particular, the problem of reading or interpretation. In this context the definition of “interpretation” becomes relevant for consideration in the context of various cultural studies.

We studied modern approaches to the notion of “culture” to study artistic musical Continue reading

Kim Jong Il’s “Animation Revolution”

animationKimThe history of North Korean animation goes back to early post-Korean war (1950-1953) years. Since the mid-1950s animated feature production has not only increased, but also significantly changed its style and content and even evolved into a lucrative international enterprise, which is not unimportant for the country faced with economic hardships for more than a decade now.

Producing roughly 20-plus animated feature films every year beginning in 1985 when it was founded, North Korea’s April 26 Children’s Film Production House is probably the world’s largest studio with a staff of more than 1,500. It was about the same time that the state-run Continue reading

Li Tao (1115-1184) Historiography – A Relational Government Based on the Delegation of authority

Li TaoChina is famous for keeping compiling historical works without interruption for more than two thousand years. Why did historical knowledge matter? What was its function?

With the understanding that the answers may have changed with time, this paper takes Li Tao, a literatus in the early Southern Song (1127- 1276), as an example to examine the nature of historical knowledge in the second half of 12th century, and how it inherited the legacy of the historical study of the previous dynasty (Northern Song, 960-1126) and Continue reading

Oceania Centre: New way in Art

oceanThe appreciation of contemporary Pacific arts requires an approach as unique as the images and expressions emerging and intriguing the local and international art world. The Oceania Centre for Arts and Culture in Suva, Fiji is producing contemporary art that moves globally but is rooted in the customs and cultures of Oceania; thus I will propose a unique Continue reading