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modaFashion always has a place in society and evolved along with humanity. It is constantly changing: new ideals, aspirations, goals and more. Today’s fashion is very special, because now its main motto is freedom and independence, convenience and comfort. Now reigns, minimalist style, which is already losing ground more decorative areas, but already has its supporters among young people and among the older generation. This style has come to us from Europe, relatively warm countries where almost all year round flowers bloom, so designers have offered a more restrained color scheme, and so as people are almost constantly surrounded by colorful flowers. Minimalism fallen people prefer its simplicity of lines, materials and subdued colors.

Modern people are interested in a simple and practical clothes, high quality, safe and natural, providing comfort and convenience. Now no matter how clothes look, it is important how a person feels himself in it, or it is really comfortable. This style liked the people that keep the classic way. Created clothing stylists suitable for both young and more mature to people, there is no significant difference between clothing for people of all ages, there is no such thing as a “youth fashion”. Modern fashion does not stand still, it develops. Development of new materials and fabrics in which warm in winter and cool in summer, antibacterial and membranous tissue healing and even anti-stress. Apparently, the future will dictate fashion fabrics manufacturers new generation.

Modern fashion using natural fabrics, synthetic, very changed, and blended fabrics. There is none like male or female tissue is dominated “unisex”. It became a popular safari style. It is characterized by wearing shorts, breeches, trousers and shirts with short sleeves, skirts, dresses and tunics. This garment is easy with free cut, it does not interfere with the movements are very comfortable and made of natural fabrics. This style also has its own accessories – a strap, belt in one color with a suit.

There are other dress styles: classic, business, sport, avant-garde, denim, folklore, romantic style “Military”, “Country”, “Fantasy”, “Vamp”, “Retro” and national style. Takes it place a new trend denim woven combination with other fabrics. Wool woven also play an important role among the fashionable fabrics. No less important role played by color in fashion. In modern fashion there is a return through a combination of black and white, blue and red colors in fashion, very light and very deep colors. You must have a sense of color to successfully select and use different shades style (if anyone having difficulties, we can turn to the designer or stylist).

Often used different designs: geometric stripes, pictures with blurred contours, associative and psychedelic. In classic style – cells. Also focuses adjoining clothes to the body, it should be easy and flat – direct and semifitted. This effect can be created using different bands and straps. Today it is very fashionable to use textures, colors, contrasts different sizes. It is well accepted with a simple combination of challenging some negligence on the clarity and severity.

Revised national and historical costume used national elements. Fancy colored tights, skinny scarves, women’s images stockings in one color of clothing. Ironically, now popular dress rich, elegant and prestigious, because fashion is already easy and people want something new and better, I want to show themselves to be in the spotlight. “Fashionable – it’s either something new, or something a forgotten old”, but this statement is not always true.

Fashionable may be some parts of the long-forgotten bar, then said – in fashion motives of some years, but fashion is never repeated. It changes constantly taking something new and replacing the new, something old. First, a new widely regarded as something unusual, unexpected. Please be aware that organic and natural colors look very much and noble, so you should take the following colors in his style, have some clothes with the scale.

Became fashionable gray and its shades, also unusual colors have their fans. For a woman is important to wear tights in the same color of clothing, wide, narrow and straight pants, skirts and shorts instead, the colors that are noble luster. Other knitted pullovers and waistcoats. Buttons act as decoration, ornament or decoration. You look nice in the images of bags – purses, bags on the belt, is also widely used by various bands and straps. Worn shoes light over dark tights, gloves of the same color as the clothes. Psychologists say that a person who has smoothly combed hair and makeup sparingly used, respected and affection more than a man with lush hair, bright makeup that hides its true face (for women).

A woman stands-up, if poorly executed, a tone of arrogance and bad taste, then no clothes will not save the situation. The modern men’s fashion focused on the brave and brutal images. Salable clothing for military and marine origin, pea jackets, coats, bombers, coats and coats in military style. The elements are pockets of clothing, chevrons, stripes, straps and more. In the classical style in demand: English, American, Italian and classic design. Recent jackets, narrowed at the waist, one or two buttons, using pockets. Pants should be extended and collected on boot. A common use of natural and environmental tissues, especially in the sports area.

The clothes for an active lifestyle is important convenience and reliability. Recently, the concept of “fashion people” perceived as something manly, but now everything has changed. Modern man strives for greater freedom, independence and respect. Tendency to healthy lifestyle and environment, usability, naturalness, individuality and harmony.

It is advisable to follow fashion trends, wake individual and unique, do not use in your appearance that has long been served by demand in others. It should set our own standard of beauty, understand that your elegance, harmony, elegance, excellence and naturalness. Fashionable can be any age, any nationality, status, occupation, sex, by any parameters, you should feel fashion and believe in their tastes that build your image.

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    Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It’s the little changes that make the most significant changes.
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