Success Stories brands (Versace, Gucci)

vers+guBy the way that company must pass to gain international recognition? What obstacles can trap ambitious climbers in the world of fashion, on the way to the top? And sometimes willing to most native people for money, power and comfort their ambitions? Try to find this on the example of two hegemons, sometimes cruel and ruthless, but this bright and seductive world of beauty, glamor and sophistication – the world of fashion. Name of hegemons Gianni Versace and Guccio Gucci.

The history of these two giants is very similar to each other and has a number of interesting facts, such that the two companies named in honor of their founders themselves, and in fact is quite common practice among Western businessmen fact remains. More interestingly, the two founders were born in Italy in his youth worked abroad, then returned home to establish their company. Also, after the death of their founders, both companies have been renamed and left only their family, the successor and became close members of their families.

But this is only a small part of the history of these great companies. A more detailed analyze them, we start with Gianni Versace. Birthplace of the maestro in difficult times for his country, just at the end of World War II in 1946. His mother was the owner of a fashion atelier, so Gianni since childhood, joined the world of beauty. By the way just to have played a crucial role in the future of fashion, she taught him special treatment for women who had a great influence on the formation fellow fashion taste. Then she also saw the son thirst for sketching dresses, forced him to leave teaching and join the family business.

He worked much and fruitfully, was aware of all the fashion trends, so soon learned of the young talent Milanese businessman Enzo Nicosia, who invited him to work together. Already the same evening Gianni flew to Milan, where he was invited to work such famous and prestigious fashion houses as Genny, Valentino and Callaghan. Its simple but at the same time creative ideas made him a legend in the fashion world, and one of his first collection sold out in just a few days.

I tried their strength and gain experience, Gianni Versace founded his fashion house in 1978, and soon opens first boutique in Milan. He also founded his family business Versace for direct support of his brother Santo and sister Donatella. Was the emblem of jellyfish Rondanini, symbolizing the beauty and magic of Greek rock. In the same year he presented his first collection, which is characterized by an original approach to the use of materials with unusual style, and rich color. The collection received many positive reviews and has started a great career of its creator.

Sensuality and openness – the main components of Versace collections. He revived the fashion for tight pants, short skirt, corsets and tight-fitting suits. He did not support trends inspired by other designers, and created their own, and perfectly able to feel the mood of the time, because of what at that time his collection was more striking than the other authors. Also, to please not only women produced a collection for men. Versace was never afraid of experiments, he easily could combine silk and metal parts, or the skin of bellows.

Gianni himself always remained a simple and generous man, despite the international fame and multimillion fees. His fashion shows like Versace held a show with well-known musicians, scenery, music and actors. He created clothing with new fabrics and invent unusual style for him. Versace produced not only clothes, under his own name, he also produced perfumes, leather goods, Micah and costumes for various theatrical performances. Generally, he loved the theater, opera and ballet, and worn Madonna for “Four Rooms”, along with Elton John set a modern version of “Aidy” J. Verdi. In 1981, the fashion house produces its first women’s perfume in 1993 created a line of home decoration called Home Signature, and in 1994 saw the world watches Versace. Versace created a series of high quality Swiss watches, which he called Atelier.

In the 80’s and early 90’s Versace receives numerous awards, and the brand is experiencing a rapid rise, so for example, designers can organize some photography for Vogue magazine and conclude contracts with several well-known photographers. A grand opening stores in Paris, London and New York brand Versace brought worldwide fame, recognition and commercial success. In 1985, for his outstanding contribution to the development of theater, Gianni Versace was awarded the “Silver mask” in 1988 was awarded the title of “the most advanced and creative designer in the world”, and in 1998, posthumously – American Oscar fashion. But the main prize of course was love fashion fans. For Gianni Versace had a unique talent to capture the affection of men, for the secret of his success was that he put his whole soul into the business, but because it was the most sincere.

Gianni Versace was killed July 15, 1997 at the threshold of his own house homosexual serial killer. The reasons for the murder remain unknown, and the death of the company founder was a turning point in the history of the brand. Place CEO took sister Donatella, who managed to take the company out of the crisis and overcome all difficulties. Today, the company is the Versace Group: 1700 people employed in the manufacture of clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, accessories, fashion and home decoration around 100 boutiques in 60 countries.

Another object of our consideration is Huchchio Gucci, who was born in 1881 in a family of Florentine craftsman. Future fashion grew quite ambitious guy, but because in his 23 he had already opened his workshop for the production of horse harness, which he called “House of Gucci.” But the first attempt of founding their own business failed, the workshop brought no income, so it had to close. And Huchchio not give up and went to London where the carrier was able to get the hotel “Savoy”. It was there that he sees as regular baggage can emphasize status of the owner and his nascent idea to open their own business with production of luxury bags and suitcases.

In 1921 Huchchio returns home, where opens a new workshop, this year and is considered the birth of the brand Gucci. His affairs were going well, so soon he has discovered carnal shop where sold: horse harness, clothing for jockeys and suitcases. A good advertisement for him were the performances of the best riders in Europe corporate clothing Gucci. Then the founder grown sons Aldo, Ugo, Vasco and Rodolfo who actively introduced to the family business.

For example in 1933 the most talented Aldo developed the logo of two interlocking letters G. Also thanks to Aldo portfolio company added the legendary silk scarves, ties and watches. Religious bag with bamboo handle, pride of fashionistas, has been developed as the idea Aldo. Before the Second World War, Gucci family owned factory producing ladies handbags, suitcases and gloves, as well as the most prestigious boutique streets of Rome. In the early 40’s, Gucci opened stores throughout Italy, then, to expand the market, Aldo was the first European manufacturers went to America.

Also, to promote Gucci had an important role and Rodolfo, as an actor іn movies. His friendships with famous Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly have helped the company to promote the products. And Jacqueline Kennedy wore a bag over his shoulder from Gucci, even created their own brand “Jackie-O!”

In 1953, there was no Huchchio Gucci, and all his sons rushed to the courts seeking to have each of them sole owner of the company. As a result Aldo received a 50% stake in the company and became its chairman. However, judges on the dispute and not completed many years Paolo, Aldo’s son plead with his father. But this will not prevent him to become a leading designer company. And discord in the family did not abate, and in 1982 the work came to a fight on board, which resulted in Paolo left the firm took on a Gucci Parfum. Soon after, in 1983 kindled a new scandal, the death of Rodolfo, whose shares went to his son Maurizio and whose relatives did not want to admit successor.

However, Maurizio became president of the firm in 1989. In general it can be described as very ineffective manager, he refuses luxury trends and changes it for kitsch, conducting layoffs best experts, takes the production of legendary handbag with bamboo handle and moves head office in Milan. But the biggest blow dealt image of uncontrolled sale of licenses to use the trade mark different small firms in Asia. As a result, in the early 90’s wearing things from Gucci was considered silly tone, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Trying to save their money, grandchildren Huchchio sold their shares of Invest corp, who invited for the post of economic director Domenica de Solly, who in turn takes on the job of creative director Tom Ford designer. That Ford is credited with “resuscitation” section. His interpretation of the classic Gucci shoes with decorations in the form of bridle becomes a hit, and creative ideas derive brand leaders in the fashion business.

But in 2004, because of conflicts with the French corporation Pinault Printemps Redoute, which bought the Gucci Group, where Solly and Ford are leaving the company. In their place came Alessandra Fakkinetti and Frida Giannini. Today, according to research rating of The New York Review Gucci brand ranked first in the list of the world’s most luxurious brands ahead of rivals like Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

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