What is fashion?

fasion2The word fashion is used by people in different meanings. When using the same words, we can define them differently, so we should understand that the word fashion can be used to designate concrete things in everyday life, in clothes, which at some point in time are fashionable. So two notions are misunderstood – fashion and fashionable.

This word is also referred to people who work in fashion. Sometimes the word is used in a negative sense: “Have a fashion of not listening to their parents.” And in this context it means self-will. It is portrayed like this in the important actions of social life: addiction, dependence, the opposite things of the first issue. If you think specifically, the word “fashion” indicates the complex phenomenon of social life. According to Immanuel Kant – “a man likes to compare himself to someone “better “and follow his manners” – it is the fear of man to be less important.

Fashion is a word we hear from friends, in the streets, on television. Let’s try to understand what fashion is. First of all, it is brief taste of planning in the area of life and culture. It is changing the shape and patterns of clothing that is made in a short time. Changes in society modernize fashion. Fashion is next to us, and we must be able to follow it. Sometimes what is not perceived by man, after a while becomes fashionable. The gist of fashion – is making something original, unusual. Fashion is the profession of stylists and designers. At the moment, fashion is mobile and convenient.

Many people believe that the most important thing is a good appearance, but not all agree with this, most people understand that fashion and appearance are not the most important issues. For sure, when a person looks neat, then it is nice to talk to her. She emphasizes her individuality in such a way, chooses the clothes according to her size, age and sex.

I believe it is necessary to look after your appearance. As it is said: “Your first impression is made by clothes, then – by your intelligence.” Therefore it is not bad to show yourself nicely from the first sight. I also agree with the idea that “good clothes open all doors,” because sloppy people are not treated seriously, but you should not exaggerate or cross the limits, otherwise you can portray yourself not in the best way. Some are so engaged in this that they can even look funny, and contrary – to ruin the appearance.

There are also so-called styles which can surprise by their originality and strangeness: goths, hippies, punks and other subcultures. They surprise with the fact that they look differently from others: bright hair, piercing, tattoos, black nails, strange clothes and shoes. I think it spoils primarily adolescents who express themselves in such a way, not realizing that they ruin their natural beauty. Currently, fashion is an important part of everyone’s life, our society admires it even more than ever, I believe that it is right, but at the same time the idea of dressing fashionably should be ranked first, because the man should carry a content, and trendy clothes should supplement him, be a frame.

Now fashion dictates the rules, each store has a lot of new products that just beckon to buy them. Many people spend a fortune on them. Personally, I do not spend much money on new products and brands, I have clothes that I like to wear regardless of it being fashionable or not. Some argue that people valued on clothes, in turn, mean that it is not. The person in the middle must be personality.

Controversial issues also garments with fur. I do not wear fur, because it is first of all cruelty to animals. All of these animals: foxes, rabbits, raccoon killed on the farm for the purpose of sale and the value of fur. It is good that many famous people are protesting against the killing of animals and say that it is not fashionable. I think this is correct. But we should not selfish and think about the people who are in such climates, which cannot do without it. Therefore, in order to fur wearing beauty is not required, only because of the need.

Another problem is the fashion houses of complaints that their designs copied. Copies: clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and other elements of the modern wardrobe. Thus, the copies are not as good as the originals and high quality, but most people are not able to buy brands for big money, they are cheaper to buy a fake, and that has nothing wrong, and a savings for buyers. But they remain in the uncertainty of a massive copy is good or bad. I believe that copies of benefit to those who popularize mark of a brand and thus encourage buyers.

As for fashion tattoo, it is very common among young people. Beautiful and unusual tattoos adorn nearly everybody. So people are trying to emphasize their individuality and to put some meaning to tattoos, what they like in life. But tattoos have their drawbacks: it is for life, and laser abrasion course costs a lot of money, and can also be infected if the artist makes a mistake.

Also young people enjoy piercing. In my opinion all this does not make one more special than it is. For example, employers are not happy if their employees have a tattoo or piercing, so you need to hide it at work, wear long sleeves, sweaters. Much can be told about the shortcomings of tattoo and piercing, and thirst to fashion and style makes people take risks, and do so in spite of the precautions and consequences. It is better to keep your body clean.

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