Ethical and Aesthetic traditions and rules of Brazil

brazilEthical and aesthetic values ??of each people are an integral part of their culture. Arriving in the country, we always have to remember the characteristics of the people with whom we have to interact. It is well to known, that certain moral and ethical principles, gestures, facial expressions are interpreted differently in different countries. That’s why before the trip to the country you should examine the features of them.

Brazil is a country which located in the South America. People who are living in Brazil surprisingly sentimental, they are distinguished by sincere kindness and compassion towards others. Along with the Brazilians, you always feel the holiday because kindness, optimism and positive emotion are an essential feature of every representative of the people. Such openness and goodwill probably formed because Brazilians combine a number of nations and the Portuguese, Africans and Indians. This symbiosis is formed and today.

So in Brazil, people are very open attitude to visitors alike, always ready to help or give advice, the company will accept you as soon as them. Be careful not to accidentally offend some people, there’s racism is condemned. Brazilians are always ready to listen and support you. But at the same time, it is very important to them was the same attitude. If you are unwelcoming – you can lose a friend.

Living in the country is surprisingly hard-working, almost like the Japanese or Germans. Although they really know how to relax, work for them is extremely important. Managers of Brazil are very greedy for success and career.

Brazilians are accustomed to do business building on personal relationships. So it would be better if representatives of your company will always be the same people. For Brazilians is important the person, and not as a whole. Business Etiquette Brazilians are very specific. The working day begins at 8:30 am, although people in leadership positions, can afford to come later and work until night. For example, a business dinner can rarely begin before nine at night and rarely give birth to her talk about the case. Is that Brazilians themselves will talk about it after the evening coffee? It is better to appoint business meetings in the morning period to 12 hours.

Brazilians appreciate punctuality, they consider it a sign of courtesy, though they can afford to delay, or even an hour. Discuss the case taken simultaneously and in parallel, not the points, as in many European countries. Do not be surprised also because if during the talks in the office here and there will go to employees. This is a very free-form control in the country. For example, the head turns to subordinates “you”, but subordination still persists, for example, a manager may be afraid to express their opinion not to lose the job. So if you see that a person is dissatisfied with something – ask her to speak without fear of offending you.

As noted above, Brazilians are very impulsive people inclined even to a theatricality. It is dangerous when drafting long-term plans or agreements. Being impulsive and emotional, Brazilians sometimes be unreliable. Perhaps it’s because it is so important to their personal contacts with people and understanding the interlocutor personality, individuality. This personal approach makes it possible to seal a decision on a psychological level, because we know that a person is much more difficult to cheat the man who trusts her. This emotional bond has certain disadvantages, because sometimes Brazilians may simply abandon the deal if the company or firm-change ambassador representative.

Also representatives of this nation characterized by chaotic change topics for a conversation, spontaneous and impulsive decisions that can occur in a large number of physical contact, emotional style of communication and vivid gestures and facial expressions. Before the formal meeting was a good idea to talk to more neutral topics: football, Brazilian or culture or cuisine. It is important to Brazilians interested in conversation if you plan to have further contact with them. They are quite patriotic people will be grateful to you if you tell your positive impressions of their people, traditions and culture. Do not consider this sycophancy! It looks very polite and courteous, you deliver a fair and acceptable interlocutor.

If you move away from business etiquette, is another extremely important aspect of Brazilians are gifts. The people believe that if you have a condition, you must demonstrate it. Just a case where the present is measured by its price: the more money you spend on it, the more valuable it will be for the one who receives. The whole paraphernalia of luxury, such as branded pens, expensive watches or the latest brand of mobile phones are businessmen in expensive jackets and very willing to demonstrate.

Women of this country love gold, furs and chic. Respectability also depends on the price, but sometimes quality and smart way to buy even at the port markets. The main reasons for gifts – this is Christmas, New Year and Carnival. And Carnival – this is a holiday that does not necessarily give something elegant, relevant and respectable, and can restrict something ridiculous and frivolous. Give a gift worth as much show, praising him for a long time talking about its uniqueness and how it was difficult to get it. If this seems shocking – it is not. Brazilians appreciate a similar demeanor and you will be infinitely grateful. Business as gifts would be appropriate if the affected areas, he loves your place. They are awarded after business negotiations.

To summarize, I want to again note that the friendliness, openness and tact – your best friends to cooperate and work with Brazilians. These qualities will help you understand their emotions, to join their team and feel confident, comfortable and happy. Feeling holidays will fill you everywhere in this country, it did not ruin the good mood!

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