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Ethical and Aesthetic traditions and rules of Brazil

brazilEthical and aesthetic values ??of each people are an integral part of their culture. Arriving in the country, we always have to remember the characteristics of the people with whom we have to interact. It is well to known, that certain moral and ethical principles, gestures, facial expressions are interpreted differently in different countries. That’s why before the trip to the country you should Continue reading

Ethical and Aesthetic traditions and regulations of Romania

romaniaRomania is a country of majestic cities and medieval locks, palaces and churches, national parks and reserves. Many name Romania the “Wild West” of Eastern Europe. Romania economically the not richest country, that is why it does not cost especially to demonstrate the prosperity. It is needed to get dressed more modest, and to hold a purse nearer to the heart.

In Romania very love guests. To their arrival Continue reading

Ethical and aesthetic traditions and rules of Tajikistan

tdjikTajiks – a nation that retains and honors the feast of their national traditions and transmit to future generations. Until now Tajiks (especially in villages) go to the national clothes: men in embroidered robes and skullcaps, and women in embroidered colored dresses with trousers a shawl on Continue reading