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Aesthetics of Existence

ExistenceWhen Nietzsche said that man was something that should be overcome, he was just speaking about the concept of Foucault’s care, that is, to take care of himself, to reach the superman, who must overcome the human weakness, and instead reinforce a powerful force of his intellect, power, physical and spiritual abilities. Continue reading

Bildung der ?sthetischen Prinzipien der ukrainischen Volksp?dagogik

art-gallDas achtungsvolle Verh?ltnis zu der Erde beweisen die alte Sprichw?rter “Sin auf dem Boden – sie ist unsere Mutter”, “Erde bietet und es nimmt alles unsere Mutter Erde, alle Feeds und Liebkosungen “,” Wer auf der Erde sitzt er nicht herunterf?llt.” Erde schwor das Land auf Wunden Erde angelegt, wie W?chter, nahm auf der Stra?e. Bei einem Treffen mit den ?lteren Kindern musste Bogen Hand und den Boden ber?hren, was bedeutete, dass Wohlstand Continue reading

Psychologism and Aesthetics

aestheticsWhile learning scientific discipline such as aesthetics, I realized that first of all aesthetics science is philosophical science. It studies the nature of the aesthetic consciousness videlicet common functions and principles of human activities and society generally.

Aesthetics is the science about cognition of the world, creative attitude of any person to the reality, it is the science about conceptual and things that are not based on certain Continue reading

Aesthetics is a Science of Human exploration of the Aesthetic World

Piccaso+PanyankyAesthetics is a traditional philosophy. It has a long history, rich not easy searching and original finds. But by the mid-eighteenth century. it is usually included as works in general philosophical content. In the XVIII century German philosopher and theorist singled O.Baumharten body of knowledge about human feelings and outlined the subject of science, which is now referred to as aesthetics.

The above-mentioned philosopher and the author of the doctrine in the name of the Continue reading

The Traditional Concept of Greek Aesthetics

By studying this discipline, as aesthetic, I found that aesthetics – is primarily a philosophical science. It examines the nature (ie functions laws – which are common, and laws) aesthetic consciousness (ie human activity and society in general).

Aesthetics is a science of understanding the world, the creative relationship of any Continue reading

Ethical and Aesthetic traditions and rules of Brazil

brazilEthical and aesthetic values ??of each people are an integral part of their culture. Arriving in the country, we always have to remember the characteristics of the people with whom we have to interact. It is well to known, that certain moral and ethical principles, gestures, facial expressions are interpreted differently in different countries. That’s why before the trip to the country you should Continue reading

Ethical and Aesthetic traditions and regulations of Romania

romaniaRomania is a country of majestic cities and medieval locks, palaces and churches, national parks and reserves. Many name Romania the “Wild West” of Eastern Europe. Romania economically the not richest country, that is why it does not cost especially to demonstrate the prosperity. It is needed to get dressed more modest, and to hold a purse nearer to the heart.

In Romania very love guests. To their arrival Continue reading

Ethical and aesthetic traditions and regulations of Indonesia

indonesiaIndonesia is one of the brightest and creative powers in all of Southeast Asia. This country has a rich variety of traditions and rules, not to mention the colors of nature that surrounds this state.

Indonesia’s laws are not very different from the laws of other districts of regions. Although tradition and religion very similar. They are among the most complex and unusual. Continue reading

Axiology and aesthetics

axiolAesthetics is a study that associated with the nature, art, beauty and good taste. But what will we discover if we compare axiology and aesthetics?

Another name of aesthetics is “the philosophy of art”. This means the process of explaining the meaning of works of art, art movements and different art theories. Continue reading

Aesthetics and the working process

estetworkPersonal well-being and the beauty of products and services. It is not always possible to correlate the work process of an employee directly to the products of services that an organisation produces, and this is especially the case in big organisations. For the production of products, it’s possible to argue that the happiness of personnel is of influence on the beauty of products that are produced, but that might be a bit far Continue reading