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Moral and Aesthetic Education

drowEducation is a process of organizing purposefully an interaction between an educator and a pupil that influences the conscience, subconsciousness, perceptional and motivational sphere of a pupil, with a view to form a scientific conception of the world, high moral qualities, social and professional personal traits. Continue reading

Ethical and philosophical doctrine of Kierkegaard

kierkegaardDanish philosopher Soren Kierkegord is one of the most popular authors of non-classical philosophy, he devoted himself to literature. The subject of his research in his works were the work of “either – Or”, “Fear and trembling” He criticized Hegel for what he has deprived man of freedom and independence.

There is nothing in common in existence Kierkegaard and Hegel. According to Hegel, one can attain the Supreme through serial passage level ideas and nature. S. Kierkegaard argued that the highest stage of human development is faith. Human life as a whole is based on the rules of conduct, norms and principles, on ethics. Continue reading