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Moral and Aesthetic Education

drowEducation is a process of organizing purposefully an interaction between an educator and a pupil that influences the conscience, subconsciousness, perceptional and motivational sphere of a pupil, with a view to form a scientific conception of the world, high moral qualities, social and professional personal traits. Continue reading

Environmental ethics in Russian preschool Education

Environmental ethicsEnvironmental aspects have been included into the structure of Russian pre-school education since 1980s. Humans are considered as a part of the nature that should not harm the whole and the necessity of forming environmental consciousness, an ecologically literate and responsible person is emphasizing. Continue reading

The Effects of Group Cohesion and Experiential Learning Activities on Participation Styles in a College Classroom

fair-playAdventure education is a long standing form of education that has been used both internationally and throughout America more than many initially come to realize. Time and again adventure education has proved to have a diverse range of benefits to its participants. Continue reading

New Jersey Graduation Rates Amongst Minorities in Different Counties

studentOne of the uppermost factors in a family’s choice to come to America is living out the American dream. The American dream varies from family to family, but is generally defined as being successful and happy.

Recent studies found that the obstacles to obtaining the American Dream are more severe today than ever. Continue reading

Asian prospective international students’ perceptions of Australian higher education system online

Asian-StudentsIt is widely acknowledged that Australia is a major destination for international education, totaling $9.5b revenue in 2006 (Marginson, 2006). 78% of international students in Australia are from Asia (Australian, 2005). A third of Australia’s 240,000 international students are located offshore (Marginson, 2006). As more and more international students pursue international education in Australia, there is a need to investigate how these Asian international students perceive Continue reading

Thailand and Globalization in 2018

ThaiThe social movement in Thailand that I am investigating is distinguished by the establishment of alternative education, foundations, and networks linked to socio-political and spiritual advocacies. This social movement views state educational reform/decentralization as an incoherent, hegemonic impulse and has countered it with the development of alternative schools and advocating home-school as an alternative to public schooling. Continue reading

Child’s outlook in Waldorf education

study12Basically we use elements of this school for the recovery and rehabilitation of the existing traditional teaching approaches and techniques. We are interested, first of all, in the basic principles of Waldorf education, aimed at developing a holistic worldview of the child. It should be noted that the natural, organic development of a child is one of the first tasks of Waldorf education. Continue reading

Teaching state language at a higher educational institution

educationKazakhstan’s entrance to the Bologna process requires higher educational institution system to be reformed in accordance with the standards accepted on the European continent. Major goals of the Bologna process are: changing the system of training specialists with the transition to two educational levels: Bachelor and Master; creating the system of equal scientific Continue reading

Some issues of Ukrainian education

UAsinceAbstract. The issue is devoted to the topical problems in the formation of processes in science and education. It is very important for each state to do all possible for its development and do some trials to make this world better for our existence and evolution. Here are shown good ranges of ambushes for right development of science and education among Ukraine. Continue reading

E-learning methods in the teaching of logical and philosophical disciplines

e-LearningIn the conditions of dynamic development of the labor market, firstly, the level of qualification is growing, it becomes necessary to change the specialty. Secondly, during the last decades an intensive modernization of information technologies in the system of distance education has been observed.

The development of technologies directs the entire education system (especially the higher Continue reading