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Linguistic philosophy of Wittgenstein

vitgenchteynLudwig Wittgenstein was an Austrian philosopher. He has taught at the University of Cambridge for many years. A lot of people often said that he was the most prominent philosopher of the 20th century in the West. If this statement has an element of exaggeration, but only because of it has ground.

Wittgenstein’s exploring were in the center of philosophical research, when the subject matter of analysis became a language. The linguistic turn is more characteristic for the philosophy of the 20th century. In the a lot of things that happened because of analytic philosophy of language, which developed by Wittgenstein. Continue reading

Language & Logic (abstracts)

logikaOutline of a Game Theoretical Approach of Semantic Normativity

Saul Kripke‘s famous but controversial interpretation of Wittgenstein‘s rule-following considerations ignited an ongoing debate on the normativity of meaning. The idea that meaning has a normative, action-guiding component, i.e. that the meaning of a word Continue reading

Korean Heritage Language Policy in Hawaii’s High Schools

HAWAII-HIGH-SCHOOLOther than the policy on Native American languages, there are very few policies in the U.S. that deal with the maintenance and development of languages other than English (Christian, 1999). The general attitude of the U.S. toward maintenance of heritage languages (HLs) is negative and supports rapid assimilation into English (Duesen-Scholl, Continue reading

Cross-cultural communication as the effecient way of improving speech activity when learning language

communication in chatToday it is so important for people of the various countries to understand each other, to work in common. This is possible only in the conditions of direct communication and familiarizing with life, with the culture and traditions of that country which you visit. At the recent rhythm of life and constant deficiency of time it becomes significant to change the occurring opinion on difficulty of a learning foreign language, especially its Continue reading

Teaching state language at a higher educational institution

educationKazakhstan’s entrance to the Bologna process requires higher educational institution system to be reformed in accordance with the standards accepted on the European continent. Major goals of the Bologna process are: changing the system of training specialists with the transition to two educational levels: Bachelor and Master; creating the system of equal scientific Continue reading

Analysis of moral language in metaethics

langv‘I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.’
Johann Goethe,

When I’m thinking about the phenomenon of moral language – lines from a poem of the famous Russian poet – Vladimir Mayakovski – come immediately to my mind: “what is good and what is bad”. Remember? This phrase has become a common like Shakespeare’s one: “to be or not to be”. Continue reading