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The natural discipline teaching process for foreign students

studentIntroduction. Considering the processes of European integration in Ukraine and modernisation of modern higher education in our country, the level of foreign students preparation in Ukraine, too, has to meet this imperative of our time.

The main conflict of the natural discipline teaching process for foreign students lies in the immediate need for rapid acquisition of knowledge and restricted capabilities of foreign students in grasping this knowledge Continue reading

Particular characteristics of educational activity organization in a higher pedagogical educational institution

school-HProblem definition. The process of preparation of a new generation of teachers who can effectively influence the social development requires a radical upgrading of their professional and educational preparation and studying new functions of the pedagogics of a higher school. Changes in all spheres of life and human activity, active development of cultural values in modern society objectively requires the transformation of a higher school into the Continue reading

Child’s outlook in Waldorf education

study12Basically we use elements of this school for the recovery and rehabilitation of the existing traditional teaching approaches and techniques. We are interested, first of all, in the basic principles of Waldorf education, aimed at developing a holistic worldview of the child. It should be noted that the natural, organic development of a child is one of the first tasks of Waldorf education. Continue reading

Teaching state language at a higher educational institution

educationKazakhstan’s entrance to the Bologna process requires higher educational institution system to be reformed in accordance with the standards accepted on the European continent. Major goals of the Bologna process are: changing the system of training specialists with the transition to two educational levels: Bachelor and Master; creating the system of equal scientific Continue reading