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The Relationship between Academic Motivation and Parenting Styles in Multiple Socioeconomic Status Areas

girl-studentThe purpose of this research study is to evaluate the relationship between parenting styles and academic motivation in students and compare the results in both high and low socioeconomic status areas. Specific aims of the study are to compare 3 parenting styles (authoritative, authoritarian, permissive/neglectful) to a student’s motivation towards their academics and to identify if the results of the comparison are similar or different in diverse socioeconomic status areas. Continue reading

Child’s outlook in Waldorf education

study12Basically we use elements of this school for the recovery and rehabilitation of the existing traditional teaching approaches and techniques. We are interested, first of all, in the basic principles of Waldorf education, aimed at developing a holistic worldview of the child. It should be noted that the natural, organic development of a child is one of the first tasks of Waldorf education. Continue reading