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Chronotypes, Academic Achievement and Sense of Coherence in College Students

international-studentsSense of coherence, which encompasses one’s ability to adapt and cope with stressful life events, has been identified as significantly higher in individuals identified as “morning types.” In turn, research among students regarding chronotype, a typology for morningness-eveningness, has discovered a welldocumented relationship between morningness and higher student GPA. Continue reading

Intimate Partner Violence and its Impact on the Rowan University Community

ViolenceIntimate partner violence (IPV) is best defined as “physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, and psychological aggression (including coercive acts) by a current or former intimate partner.” Previous literature has established that young adults are more susceptible to IPV than the general population due to many social and societal pressures surrounding their environments. Continue reading

Bullying, Mental Health and Residence in College Students

In college, some students experience bullying which has an impact on their mental health. This could lead to negative effects on their ability to learn, socialize, and cope with the stress of their academic career. An online survey is underway to measure levels of anxiety and depression as well as any bullying experiences in Rowan students Continue reading

Self-Esteem Levels in College Students

international-studentsSelf-esteem plays an important role in every person’s life. One needs to feel worthy mentally, physically, and emotionally throughout their life in order to achieve their life goals. Self-esteem affects all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Higher self-esteem allows for the decrease in depression and anxiety. It is important to understand how to lower selfesteem to protect against negative psychological factors. Continue reading

Application of Behavioral Skills Training in Teaching Data Collection

students_studyA limited body of research exists exploring the effectiveness of different training packages on teaching accurate data collection. Behavioral Skills Training (BST) has had success in preventing gunplay (Kelso et. al, 2007), teaching anti-abduction techniques (Johnson et. al, 2005), and training teachers to implement discrete-trial teaching (Sarokoff & Sturmey, 2004). Continue reading

The Relationship between Academic Motivation and Parenting Styles in Multiple Socioeconomic Status Areas

girl-studentThe purpose of this research study is to evaluate the relationship between parenting styles and academic motivation in students and compare the results in both high and low socioeconomic status areas. Specific aims of the study are to compare 3 parenting styles (authoritative, authoritarian, permissive/neglectful) to a student’s motivation towards their academics and to identify if the results of the comparison are similar or different in diverse socioeconomic status areas. Continue reading

The Role of Sense of Belonging on the Relationship Between Campus Racial Climate and Academic Achievement of African American College Students

African StudentsMinority enrollment in higher education has increased over the last 40 years. However, even though African American students are more likely than ever to be enrolled in predominately white institutions (PWI), their rates of graduation and academic achievement fail to keep pace with their white counterparts (Fischer, 2010; Guiffrida & Douthit, 2010; Reitzes & Jaret, 2007; Rodgers & Summers, 2008). Continue reading

Psychological Distress and Academic Adjustment of College Students

College StudentsDue to the massive influx of students attending colleges across the nation, an increase in the presence of mental health services are paramount. The mental health needs of today’s college students have risen dramatically. According to Kitzrow (2003), an estimated 84 percent of students who walk into a school counseling centers show significant causes for concern. Continue reading

The natural discipline teaching process for foreign students

studentIntroduction. Considering the processes of European integration in Ukraine and modernisation of modern higher education in our country, the level of foreign students preparation in Ukraine, too, has to meet this imperative of our time.

The main conflict of the natural discipline teaching process for foreign students lies in the immediate need for rapid acquisition of knowledge and restricted capabilities of foreign students in grasping this knowledge Continue reading

Asian prospective international students’ perceptions of Australian higher education system online

Asian-StudentsIt is widely acknowledged that Australia is a major destination for international education, totaling $9.5b revenue in 2006 (Marginson, 2006). 78% of international students in Australia are from Asia (Australian, 2005). A third of Australia’s 240,000 international students are located offshore (Marginson, 2006). As more and more international students pursue international education in Australia, there is a need to investigate how these Asian international students perceive Continue reading