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Asian prospective international students’ perceptions of Australian higher education system online

Asian-StudentsIt is widely acknowledged that Australia is a major destination for international education, totaling $9.5b revenue in 2006 (Marginson, 2006). 78% of international students in Australia are from Asia (Australian, 2005). A third of Australia’s 240,000 international students are located offshore (Marginson, 2006). As more and more international students pursue international education in Australia, there is a need to investigate how these Asian international students perceive Continue reading

Online Relationship Management System for Frequent Travelers

socialnetIn the age of globalization, people travel a lot for business or entertainment purposes. Thanks to the techniques of information retrieval, searching localized information is much easier than ever for frequent travelers. Cultural shock can be minimized through preparation and education. As a result, doing Internet research is an efficient way to achieve localization. Continue reading