Where to invest money and time: in education or in some simple job?

moneyThis article discusses issues related to the settlement by investment funds, the importance of education for a successful life and inappropriate investing in some simple and easy job. It was analyzed data about the relationship of education and economy in the world, and data about the most and least prestigious professions in Ukraine. In the article was determined the advantages of investing in education and self-development of personality.

The purpose of the article is presenting the views of the author to address road investments in education or in simple work, guidance and evidences of the correctness of investing in self-development.

Key words: education, investment, human capital, simple job, economic development.

The main material. Today, especially in the crisis period, it is important the correct investing. Unfortunately, the most people put the priorities for investing money in quick results, not realized that contribution to the self-development is the right solution to achieve major and long-term results. Although it is necessary to understand that investment in human capital and development is a crucial role in the economy and development of the country, and that such investments bring lasting results.

Unfortunately, in our country increasingly becoming a common trend when students put education at the second place and start working during the full-time education. In this case they hope for quick earnings money through a simple job, which is very unfortunate decision. At a time when the job market is saturated with competition, it is particularly important to have such knowledge and skills that you could compete with other workers and be really important worker for the company. The feature of quick and easy job is very fast and quickly ends. On such jobs

changing of workers is a constant phenomenon, so you should understand that any time you can replace another employee, and the company will have no reasons to leave you, since your education and knowledge will not stand out among others.

The importance of investing in education can be traced by identifying the main sources of investment in human capital. These include not only the same person, which allocates money for their own education, or family that pays for the education of their children, but also a country that allocates funds from the state and regional budgets and own businesses and educational institutions.

To analyze the relationship of education and the economy of the country can take data on the most developed countries in education and in the economy by 2015.

According to a global network of research universities “Universitas 21”, the quality of education the top 10 includes the following countries: USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, Britain, Singapore and Australia.

By comparing these countries with indicators for economic sphere, we can conclude that 6 of the 10 match. So development of the country directly depends on the education level of its citizens, and any state interested in educated citizens who can contribute to the development of their homeland.

The most developed countries in the The strongest and most efficient
field of education, based on research economies in the world in 2015
«Universitas 21″ in 2015
Switzerland Hong Kong
Denmark Australia
Finland Germany
Sweden Switzerland
Canada Canada
Netherlands Netherlands
Britain New Zealand
Singapore Singapore
Australia Japan

Also, we must understand that today, when scientific progress is growing faster aging period of professional knowledge reduced to 3 years, so education requires constant investment. The person, who was educated 10 years ago and since has not developed her knowledge, cannot currently qualify for better jobs.

In August 2013, the Research Centre of the International HR portal HeadHunter Ukraine conducted a survey in which it was determined top 10 the most prestigious professions in our country.

The first place has IT specialist, three close legal professions, and five architects.

Top 10 the most prestigious professions



In parallel survey was conducted by reverse criteria – top 10 the least prestigious occupations. As you can see, most of them are those that do not require high levels of education.

Top 10 the least prestigious occupations



It seems survey was conducted in 2014 and 2015. According to the data of that years it can be argued that despite the changes in society, always is important one rule: only professions that require a large amount of knowledge, a high level of education and continuous improvement of their skills can be truly prestigious and generate sufficient revenue.

Top 10 the most prestigious professions



If you have savings that you plan to invest in self-development, it is appropriate to review applications for entry into the European universities. When government policy is aimed at joining the European Union, we cannot deny the fact that European education is a key step for obtaining a high level of knowledge which in the future will provide a great advantage in finding work and the career development steps.

Today, most of European countries have a large number of proposals for foreigners to get an education is their higher education, and for people who want to improve their knowledge, there are many courses and internships, which are significantly different level of knowledge of similar proposals in our country. Of course, education abroad is a great advantage for professionals in any field of work. A trip abroad for education and not for the earning money by quick physical work is an important step in the life of a person who takes care of their own future and the future of the state.

Based on the above we can conclude that investing in self-development is the right decision in choosing your own way investment material resources. Today,

when the labor market of workers selection criteria are relatively high competitiveness increases day by day, and companies require their employees a high level of education will certainly need to develop and acquire new skills. The education, which was get 10 years ago, is no longer relevant and the person cannot provide high quality of life and good, paying job.

Although simple job can bring quick profit, but it does not guarantee the long employment in one job because the person does not provide any particular advantages over other employees. Today, when the technology develops so fast, you need to plan your life for the distant future, so always be right decision to invest in self-development and self-education.

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