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The natural discipline teaching process for foreign students

studentIntroduction. Considering the processes of European integration in Ukraine and modernisation of modern higher education in our country, the level of foreign students preparation in Ukraine, too, has to meet this imperative of our time.

The main conflict of the natural discipline teaching process for foreign students lies in the immediate need for rapid acquisition of knowledge and restricted capabilities of foreign students in grasping this knowledge Continue reading

Cross-cultural communication as the effecient way of improving speech activity when learning language

communication in chatToday it is so important for people of the various countries to understand each other, to work in common. This is possible only in the conditions of direct communication and familiarizing with life, with the culture and traditions of that country which you visit. At the recent rhythm of life and constant deficiency of time it becomes significant to change the occurring opinion on difficulty of a learning foreign language, especially its Continue reading

Moral aspect of Autogenic Training

autogenic_trainingThe article deals with the positive and negative sides of autogenous training, auditory training that is, who founded it and what training is required.

Keywords: auditory training, I.H. Schultz, self, identity, AT, stress the moral aspect of Continue reading