Moral and psychological aspects of valeology

healthValeology (Health Science) is a science, which  concentrate on studing of the laws of formation , preservation, recruitment and carry-over of human health , with non medical, but natural remedies and methods. In our contemporary society it is wide-spread, because now people are enormous discomposing about their health. If you study valeology you can predict some of illnesses, which can arise in connection with eating unhealthy food and keeping bad hours at all. When you get illness, you should visit a doctor and spend a lot of time, health and money for treatment. It is a pity, but sometimes it can be too late for treatment and a man can die.

To my mind, valeology is useful and interesting science. It is studied in primary school and It is good, because children habituate to the healthy way of life from childhood. If they live according to this knowledges they will be more beautiful, they will have stronger health and longer life. Studying this science will be useful even for adults.

Taking care of your own health is so important, because healthy person is more active, more successful, more interesting, more creative, happiest, he learn more, have more energy and he is more balanced and attentive. It is interesting to communicate with person like this and it makes favourable conditions for his normal development. But all of this conditionals describe only physical health of people. But all of us know that for perfect health we also need to take care about our psychological health.

Sometimes we have hard periods of life, difficult situations after which we feel depressed and this influence not only on psychological system, but on the work of all organism. If you are under influence of these situations you can feel sadness, bad mood. Working capacity become lower because of it, you want sleep more, spend time at home, you don`t have desire to go to work or university. It influences on your nervous system further and condition like this become constant for you. But you can help yourself. It is enough to send bad thoughts away, change your lifestyle on more healthy. If you do it you will be more resistant to stresses.

Nowadays, abidance healthy lifestyle depends not only from wish of a person and his ideology, but from material possibility. On the first view it seems that it is so easy and you just need to keep some rules of nutrition, do sport, develop your spirit and moral, but it isn`t easy today. For example, we need to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and meat (good quality) for healthy feed, but it is expensive that is difficult today. We see a lot of exceed a term, doubtful products in the shops.

Wrong information are printed on the stickers. Instead of it, we have a lot of harmful food with conservants, GM foods, chips, sweets, fast food in our shops. All these types of food hurt our health. It is hard not to buy harmful, but testy food. Somebody think that do sports is the easiest way to provide healthy way of life, because you can do it staying at home. For instance, you can crouch or jump on rope. It isn`t difficult to go for a walk not far from your home. And that’s all – you are health! But NO, it isn`t enough for keeping your body in a good shape. For it you should go to a gum, swimming pool or some fitness, but you should pay money for it too.

A lot of people complain that they don`t have time to do sport. What about moral and spiritual development? The problem is that around us are a lot of different information, but majority of it are incorrect and each source contradict each other. It is difficult to catch important information around that amount. At the same time , a healthy lifestyle become more and more popular trend and attract more and more people.

Each of us sees there different sense, for somebody it’s just a style of behavior that a person demonstrates to increase the circle of his friends , to seems cooler , because it is fashionable , but for somebody it is a real state, a way of expression , a way to become the best and change the quality of their lives for a better. Valeology play an important role in it, because valeology change our world view and spread knowledge about health around us.

In conclusion, I want to say that for me valeology isn`t only a science, it is something bigger, more important. Valeology is like a world view, way of life, knowledge that help us be more healthy and happy. It helps us fulfill our’s potential, be successful and happy. If you want to reach a harmony in your life you should understand that our health is the most important thing, which nature presents for us and we must save it!

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