Communication as a fundamental characteristic of the human being; its anthropological, cultural and moral aspects

dialogCommunication is the foundation of the person’s development. People can satisfy their needs thanks to communication. If a person is got rid of changes to satisfy his needs, it can also lead to intellectual and mental abnormalities. This may be the developmental disorders of speech, communication abilities and skills. Since the moment of birth, the child has been learning the world and communicates using facial expressions, gestures, looks. In general, during the first years of its life, communication is unexpected, it means that it is the basis of the child’s passivity, not activity, anyway, the interaction between people and children forms the trust of people around them, positive and emotional expressions.

We all are modern people, everyone has a mobile phone, where about 100 numbers of the same modern people are written in, we have personal pages in social networks, Internet, where a 2-digit or 3-digit number stands next to a column “Friends” . Humanity has made a huge step forward over the last century and now we have an opportunity to communicate with our close relatives without leaving home.

Aborning, the baby instinctively aspires to protection and warmth, leans to parents, as if it realizes that it is the safest shelter, therefore, it holds out its hands to them. It loves its mother’s hugs, kisses – it is a connection, in that way they communicate. Mother and her child understand each other and other kinds of communication are unnecessary. How people in love communicate with each other in the street!  There’s no doubt about the fact, that one touch, one short sight is enough to realize everything. Propose them to disperse to their warm homes and communicate, for example, by telephone or through Internet, and they will not understand you.

What is the result? The massive opportunities that modern technology gives us are not so significant as the direct companion’s sympathy is. Most people prefer the information such as facts and figures, and this is a big problem. We are more interested in specifics rather than feelings, and that is enough to get an SMS, a fax, a phone call. Yes, of course, if we are talking about business communication, we can use communication tools and state that communication is a way to transfer information from one person to another, to achieve common understanding in order to ultimately cooperate with partners.

Human Communication occurs in a socio-cultural environment in which he or she becomes is personality according to the certain traditions and moral norms and values.

As to the anthropological aspect of communication, a long time ago, people had different methods of communication: verbal and nonverbal.

Verbal communication is a transfer of information through language and speech, and non-verbal communication is a process of information transmission through facial expressions, gestures, looks.

One of the principal features of communication as an active form is the moral aspects of a person, his certain cultural qualities, goodwill, politeness, friendliness and respect to surrounding. The dialogue helps people communicate, exchange their knowledge, experience and skills. Through dialogue people find spiritual connection and realize their skills.

Communication along with labor and knowledge is the demonstration of human activity-cooperation in a certain manner, which can be called the communicative activities in turn. Communication is a special form of human interaction and relationships between people. Generally, if there is no communication between people, the exchange of experience, labor and everyday skills will not happen. Communication is essential in the forming of person’s intellectual and creative abilities, his emotional and conative fields, discovering his inner world.

Thus, communication – is directly integral part of existence common to all mankind. Because of communication of people there is a relation, common understanding and cooperation. Moreover, the communication helped people move from an animal, a natural lifestyle, it rose them above their biological bounds and create a culture and today’s society.

“If one person has one apple and another person has an apple too”, as well- known English playwright George Bernard Shaw noted,” they can exchange apples, so everyone will receive an apple. But, if one person has an idea, and another person has an idea too, as the result they will have two ideas. Thus, at the time of communication between people, they get common understanding, acquisition, not only the exchange and transfer of information. They can get new knowledge and skills because of the education and training. Therefore, people can show their good or bad characteristics, reveal their inner world.

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