Moral aspects and problems of human attitude toward appearance

ludina“Appearance doesn’t matter for usbecause the main thing is soul.” We can talk forever about this truth. But it is a little truth, because we want to be beautiful,we want to be surrounded by well-groomed and well-dressed people. We look with disgust on disabled or people with inborn defects of face or physique. When we look on mirror reflections we ask our self:”What can I do to bemore handsome?” We spend funds on good clothes, cosmetics and perfumes.

And then we ask ourself “Do I lookbetter now?” again and again.“Whichweigh, face-type and eyes should Ihave?” Don’t worry: society already found the answers for your question. Don’t you suitthese criteria? Then if you will have money the will make youbeauty. “Do you have atypical color of eyes?” – Buy lenses. Does your chest size is wrong? In that case adviseda plastic surgery.“Did I become fatter?” Society will help you get sick withanorexia. Unfortunately mostly girls suffer from this. Since the society has decided that women haven’t any moral or cultural rights to be unattractive. Are you still not fixed in this? Posters and advertising will help you. They will care about you. Don’t worry! You don’t want be suffer from the member offace fascism, don’t you?

But what else appearance can give besides complexes, anorexia, self-esteem, admiration and hatred? Sometimes we spend so mucheffort for self-perfection, but what it gives us return? We all strive for happiness, but are we happy when beautiful and are we unhappy when ugly?

Let’s return to the history and remember that one who was recognized as model of beauty? Until now she didn’t lost this status – Marilyn Monroe. Does any happy person commit suicide? Or ask that one you consider beautiful – how happy he is?

If we want to define own attitudes toward appearance firs of all we need to understand what is it? Is it fortuitous set of genes and tissue compatibility? Could it be social cultural selection or might be aesthetic ratio of innate properties? And even this question has an answer already.

In different times and epochs appearance was considerable problem. Middle Ages cast aside the value of body’s beauty. Exactly the internal, spiritual filling and spiritual cleanness was the index of excellence of man in that time. The only confessed image of people in iconography was distorted and warped in incompatibilities body proportions and face even. Idols in that time were with bruised eyes, crooked fingers and necks. It was testify to distant alienation from a value next age – Renaissance. It revives the great search of ideal proportions. It asks the question: what is the ideal appearance? Leonardo da Vinci and other artists engender the charts of construction and proportions of body that are a base model and for our time. As about the spiritual aspect, it gradually loses value with each next epoch. Already in XVII century the visits of cathedrals grow into secular boasting with magnificent wigs and luxurious dresses.

For all times of homo sapience importance of appearance was displaced from an extreme to an extreme. Butwhere should we search a middle ground? Certainly not in internal and external human’s qualities division. Self-deceit is in bothparts. No oneiscompletelyrightinhis shabbiness or faked appearance.

If you don’t like your appearance and if you have complexes in this regard, then think: how far it’s your opinion and how far it’s instilled opinion of a society? Believe in the beauty of the soul. This is the only way to meet your expectations. Appearance could be changeful. Canons ofbeauty have come and go. To stay beautiful inside is the way to be eternal and happy.

We all are people! That means each of us is ugly and beautiful at the same time!

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