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Willingness to Communicate between Chinese and Americans in cross-cultural communication and Relating Factors

Business PartnersWith the process of globalization, people have more opportunities and reasons to travel around the world and thus more opportunity to communicate with people from other countries. In this case, cross-cultural communication is becoming more and more important. Among the popular purposes of going abroad, study is the one gaining the most concern. Statistics indicates that, U.S is the country that accepts most of the international students, and China outputs most of the international students. Continue reading

Cross-cultural communication as the effecient way of improving speech activity when learning language

communication in chatToday it is so important for people of the various countries to understand each other, to work in common. This is possible only in the conditions of direct communication and familiarizing with life, with the culture and traditions of that country which you visit. At the recent rhythm of life and constant deficiency of time it becomes significant to change the occurring opinion on difficulty of a learning foreign language, especially its Continue reading

Communication ethics in digital age in 2018

communication in chatThe rapid development of communication technologies left an indelible imprint on the praxeological field of modern man, primarily due to the ever-increasing speed of information exchange and the involvement of the masses, which are integral components of such practice as Internet communication, which is a truly unique phenomenon, due to the formation of a continuously developing global network culture. Continue reading