Communication ethics in digital age in 2018

communication in chatThe rapid development of communication technologies left an indelible imprint on the praxeological field of modern man, primarily due to the ever-increasing speed of information exchange and the involvement of the masses, which are integral components of such practice as Internet communication, which is a truly unique phenomenon, due to the formation of a continuously developing global network culture.

However, apart from the positive aspects of the technical revolution, in the 21st century a number of rather specific problems are actualized: whether the social network user page is identical with all the usual attributes such as avatars and texts to the real person, whether communication of Internet users is equivalent to direct verbal communication individuals, do the same ethical standards apply in both cases and how to avoid potential conflicts?

To answer these questions, the author proposes to revise the very concept of the subject, since it is no longer completely exhaustive for analyzing the processes taking place in the global network and refer to the Gilles Deleuze concept – a singularity allowing more adequate approach to the consideration of the specifics of network communications and the prospects for the development of network ethics.

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