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The Significance of the Professional Competences of the Phd Program in Religious Studies

studentsAny educational program should be oriented primarily on internal changes and the requirements of society.

That is why modern Ukrainian education should teach, first of all, the ability to “survive” in modern conditions and adapt 122 to constant social challenges. The implementation of a competent approach to education can help to do this. Continue reading

An Examination of Residential Status and Educational Satisfaction

College StudentsEducational satisfaction is thought to be an influential factor in career success and future educational achievement (Elliott & Healy, 2001). Many studies have evaluated the differences between commuter and residential students, often citing the advantages residential students have over commuter students (Bowman & Partin, 1993). Continue reading

Particular characteristics of educational activity organization in a higher pedagogical educational institution

school-HProblem definition. The process of preparation of a new generation of teachers who can effectively influence the social development requires a radical upgrading of their professional and educational preparation and studying new functions of the pedagogics of a higher school. Changes in all spheres of life and human activity, active development of cultural values in modern society objectively requires the transformation of a higher school into the Continue reading

Developing the professional competence of a future lawyer

future lawyerIn this article describes the developing education in the process of the formation of a professional competence of a future lawyer. Proved that developing education in the professional training of future lawyers play an important role, since its implementation cannot simply learn and comprehend the material, but also to analyze, organize, select basic and make conclusions, to be able to Continue reading