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Compromise as a means for resolving value conflict

propagandistSpecificity values conflicts in professional ethics is determined by the specificity of the professions themselves. In some they can be resolved quite simply, within the framework of established procedures, regulated by professional codes, others have indeed cause dramatic consequences, up to the split in society.

Among those with good reason can be Continue reading

Developing the professional competence of a future lawyer

future lawyerIn this article describes the developing education in the process of the formation of a professional competence of a future lawyer. Proved that developing education in the professional training of future lawyers play an important role, since its implementation cannot simply learn and comprehend the material, but also to analyze, organize, select basic and make conclusions, to be able to Continue reading

Moral tasks of the translator

transleterProfession and professional ethics.

At the beginning of this work, I consider it necessary to answer the following questions: “What does the word profession mean”, “What is professional ethics,” “? What created the concept” and “is it inherent in all professions?” Continue reading