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P. Ricoeur about The Resolution of Value Conflicts by National Cultures

Paul-RicoeurP. Ricoeur belongs to the classics of modern philosophy. His interests are universal. In a number of works the thinker touches upon the question of the conflict of cultures, the understanding of the Other, the definition of the self.

Ricoeur points out that humanity, taken as a single organism, is part of a single global civilization, which represents an enormous progress for all and the main objective here is to survive and adapt to the cultural heritage. Continue reading

Values as A Way to Win

ValuePerception of the role of values as a factor in the derationalization of the conflict is dominant in the modern theory of conflict. And interest in conflicts of values is extremely great. Meanwhile, in conflictological literature the clarity in describing values as a specific object of the dispute leaves much to be desired. If material objects, such as resources or status are prepared to the smallest detail, Continue reading

Value conflicts in the publication ethics in modern university

plagiat23The desire to ensure the high quality of scientific literature determines the formation and cultivation of the values of publication ethics in the modern academic community. Back in 1997, the International Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) was established, which has been advising editors and publishers of scientific literature on issues of Continue reading

Compromise as a means for resolving value conflict

propagandistSpecificity values conflicts in professional ethics is determined by the specificity of the professions themselves. In some they can be resolved quite simply, within the framework of established procedures, regulated by professional codes, others have indeed cause dramatic consequences, up to the split in society.

Among those with good reason can be Continue reading