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Maimon and the Logic of Genesis

Solomon_maimon2After only a glance at Salomon Maimon’s manuscript, Kant deliberated that “Herr Maimon” supersedes all his opponents. He departs from Kant by questioning the validity of synthetic a priori judgments and the conditionality of the possibility of experience.

Maimon’s project is a confluence of a Leibnizian dogmatist strain that grounds transcendental philosophy in a principle of determinability, and a tinge of empirical skepticism that views synthetic propositions to be merely subjective. Continue reading

When Logic Faces The Real Life

aristotle_1When we ask anyone, except the logicians, what logic is and what it serves for, the answer will be that the logic is a rational way of thinking. This correlation between rationality and logic is unbreakable in our head. For instance, when somebody claims to be a vegetarian, but continue to eat chicken saying that the birds are stupid, we may notice that his/her position lack logic. Continue reading

Epistemic Agents In The Context Of The P=?NP Problem

p-npP=?NP is a famous problem common for mathematical logic and mathematical theory of computational complexity. Computational complexity theory divides formal problems in different classes according to the function that describes the output of the computational machine for the given formula as an input. There are several classes that are combined into a complex hierarchy which though has blank spaces. Continue reading

Ref lective Thinking in the Substantial Estate: Hegel on the Logic of Agriculture

Hegel_portrait45The way in which Western societies produce and consume food now stands at the center of a massive ethical, ecological, and human health crisis.

The industrialization of agriculture in the name of economic efficiency has increased the food supply, (temporarily) defying Malthusian expectations of global mass starvation, but it has also brought with it a series of unprecedented problems. Accordingly, the philosophical literature on questions relating to the ecology of agriculture has multiplied many times over in the last twenty years. Continue reading

Language & Logic (abstracts)

logikaOutline of a Game Theoretical Approach of Semantic Normativity

Saul Kripke‘s famous but controversial interpretation of Wittgenstein‘s rule-following considerations ignited an ongoing debate on the normativity of meaning. The idea that meaning has a normative, action-guiding component, i.e. that the meaning of a word Continue reading

Levels and Tiers of an Argument


Argumentation theory has a long history. In my view, the best way to describe its contemporary developments is by considering various theoretical perspectives and approaches. Now, researchers working in various areas investigate the issues of argument. Among them are philosophers, logicians, psychologists, linguists, political Continue reading

Aristotle and Informal Logic

aristotle_12016 year UNESCO declared the «year of Aristotle». The proposal to celebrate 2400 anniversary of Stagirite was presented by the National Commission for UNESCO of Greece with the approval of the «International Centre for Research Aristotle» of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Based and formed logic of Aristotle, as a way to protect the truth and expose the sophistry is relevant for more than two millennia. Continue reading