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Aristotle’s Comparative Logic: a Textual Note

aristotle_1This paper deals with Aristotle, Topics, 119 a20-22. This passage contains a logical f law in all the available translations in modern languages (Tricot, Zadro, Colli, Barnes, Pickard-Cambridge, Wager/Rapp, Rolfes).

This notwithstanding, I claim that the Greek makes sense, and that Aristotle’s comparative logic is consistent. I defend this claim by looking at Aristotle’s use of negation. Continue reading

Metaphysical Foundations of Aristotle’s Ethics

AristIt is common place to consider Aristotle’s Metaphysics and Ethics completely independently of one another. At the same time there are a number of researchers who argue against this traditional point of view and try to find connection between Ethics and Metaphysics of Aristotle.

In my report I will describe the approach of the authors who suppose that Aristotle’s Ethics has a metaphysical foundation.

And I will show some problem consequences from this point of view. Aristotle’sNicomachean Ethics” starts from two fundamental assumes: Continue reading

Aristotle and Informal Logic

aristotle_12016 year UNESCO declared the «year of Aristotle». The proposal to celebrate 2400 anniversary of Stagirite was presented by the National Commission for UNESCO of Greece with the approval of the «International Centre for Research Aristotle» of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Based and formed logic of Aristotle, as a way to protect the truth and expose the sophistry is relevant for more than two millennia. Continue reading