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The New Legal Paradigm of Ukrainian Democracy

ukrainian democracyFor a long time, the dominant norm of political thinking and practice had been the ideology of McKiawellism, in which politics and morality were viewed as inconsistent.

However, in the twentieth century, especially in its second half, this ideology has largely exhausted its potential and moral “justification.” 7 After the policy became public, the people gradually realized their right and obligation to participate directly in Continue reading

Master Narratives of Ukrainian Political Culture

National Identity in UkraineIntroduction. Ukraine holds a high significance at this time, especially for the United States, given the recent tension between NATO and Russia. Ukraine stands at the center of recent events in the heart of Europe, such as 27 Euromaidan, the ouster of its president, the annexation of Crimea, the fighting in Eastern Ukraine, and a passenger airliner being shot down. It is crucial to have more Americans with expertise on Ukraine. Continue reading

Some issues of Ukrainian education

UAsinceAbstract. The issue is devoted to the topical problems in the formation of processes in science and education. It is very important for each state to do all possible for its development and do some trials to make this world better for our existence and evolution. Here are shown good ranges of ambushes for right development of science and education among Ukraine. Continue reading

Ukrainian national identity between European values and «homo sovieticus»

Ukrainian nationalThese events have something in common, particularly the name: terrorism and violence. Although, they happened in geographically distanced countries of Europe: in France and Ukraine, they are bonded by the fact, that both of them have become the object of the terrorist threat. The international community shall do everything possible to prevent such acts of violence in any part of the world, Continue reading

Philosophy as a methodological basis of education in Ukraine

PhilosSociety can survive and develop only under conditions of adequate responses to the challenges of the social environment. The main characteristic of modern society is the rapid changes of ideas, information dissemination and accumulation of new knowledge.

These processes have spread around the world primarily due to intensive development Continue reading

Gilyarov Oleksiy philosophy and ethics

GilyarovGilyarov Oleksiy Mykytovych is famous Ukrainian teacher, philosopher, writer, the first academician-philosopher of the all-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He was born in 1855 in Moscow. His father, became the Slavophile, publicist, theologian Mykyta Petrovich Plyarou-Platonov. O. Gilyarov studied at Moscow University. Then he continued to gain knowledge in the French capital ? Paris, a well-known psychologist and psychiatrist G. Sharko. Then, from 1883 to 1887 he worked as a privat-docent at Moscow high school, lectured on Aristotle and Plato, lectures on aesthetics. In addition, he taught Russian and ancient languages, logic, pedagogy, philosophy, history of philosophy in Continue reading