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Creating Islamic Identity

islamAsiaMost of works on violent conflicts tend to begin with an assumption that ethnicity, religiosity, and nationality have to with the sources of the conflicts. Because the way the studies see the conflicts, they are then called “ethno-nationalist conflict” studies. In this way, conflicts in the Middle East are “Arab-Israeli conflict” or “Arab-Palestinian Conflict”, the conflict in the Balkan “Muslim-Christian Conflict”, the conflict in Rwanda “Hutu-Tutsi Continue reading

Ukrainian national identity between European values and «homo sovieticus»

Ukrainian nationalThese events have something in common, particularly the name: terrorism and violence. Although, they happened in geographically distanced countries of Europe: in France and Ukraine, they are bonded by the fact, that both of them have become the object of the terrorist threat. The international community shall do everything possible to prevent such acts of violence in any part of the world, Continue reading

Measuring and bridging the gap between the real and imagined corporate identities

Identity is crucial for companies as it represents their public profile and business culture with which their product or service is constantly linked by consumers. The values that a company adopts are the basis of the company identity because they are what counts for the company, namely the ends or objectives that it aims to pursue.

Despite the importance of identity for economic performance, companies often are not fully aware of their identity. In addition, in many cases the corporate identity that is Continue reading