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Reception History as A New Genre in Philosophical Historiography

martin-heidegger11Philosophical historiography cannot be bound to text hermeneutics solely; it should strive for reconstruction of understanding, interpretation, appropriation, denial and criticism around the given philosopheme.

Thus, the branch of Rezeptiongeschichte is a promising direction of historical studies of philosophy. Let us assume that reception is interpretation taken with its consequences both in philosophical and non-philosophical aspects of philosophical thinking. Continue reading

Philosophical Anthropology (Abstracts)

aczentGeorg Simmel and his Notion of Life

Author Rosanne Claes (MA)
Abstract: Mainly famous as a sociologist and known in the philosophy of culture, Georg Simmel wrote at the end of his days the book The View of Life, developing a metaphysical view on life. The most important element in his metaphysics is the notion of life as transcendence.

For Simmel life is always situated between two poles of determinacy and richness, the boundary and the boundless, the known and the unknown. Continue reading

The role of Faith and Mind in philosophical and political point of view

faithLittle is known about life of a medieval thinker Marsilius of Padua. Marsilius’s family belonged to the famous kin of Maynardino and was one of the most respected in Padua. Marsilius’s father served as a university notary. Although the University of Padua could not compete with glory of the University of Bologna or Paris, the University of Padua developed its own philosophical school in the XIII century which was based on the study of Continue reading

Philosophy as a methodological basis of education in Ukraine

PhilosSociety can survive and develop only under conditions of adequate responses to the challenges of the social environment. The main characteristic of modern society is the rapid changes of ideas, information dissemination and accumulation of new knowledge.

These processes have spread around the world primarily due to intensive development Continue reading

P. V. Kopnin ethical and philosophical doctrine

KopninWhat place does the dialectic take in the philosophy? To truly understand this question, you need immerse yourself in ancient times. However, sufficient enough to consider the well-known figure P.V. Kopnin who, worked in the 60s of last century, made a significant contribution to the logic of scientific research of USSR and the result – extended philosophical thoughts and ideas of that time.

A lot of attention in the dialectic as “art of speaking” the philosopher devoted to the logic of scientific knowledge and methodological Continue reading