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Legitimization of Non-State Actors’ Warfare in the Just War Theory

2Last decades are characterized by in the number of military conflicts on religion and ethnicity, which lead to activation of non-state actors. These include international institutions, non-governmental humanitarian organizations, multinational corporations, and also terrorist organizations, guerrilla and separatist movements, the activity of which is accompanied by a large number of victims and destruction. Continue reading

An Old and New Approaches of the Meaning of ‘The Politics of Identity’ and Its Place in the Political Discourse

PoliticalThe Politics of Identity is a new and modern phenomenon but with old roots. Many western scientists as Stanley Aronowitz, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Bronwyn Carlson, etc. have been trying to learn and explain this product of civil society.

Today, in the 21th century, an interest to a such difficult topic has greatly increased due to civil wars, terrorism and immigrations. Continue reading

Moral and Political Ideal of Cicero

CiceronThe first century BC was marked for the Roman Republic by the intensification of inside crisis processes that led to its collapse. In many ways, these processes were caused by perversion of the system of state power, where the dominant place was occupied by the tribal aristocracy.

Access to the Senate and magistrates was actually closed to truly active, gifted citizens ready to serve the Republic. On the contrary: representatives of the nobility, having guarantees of access to power, regardless of personal qualities and merits, used their position in their personal interests. Continue reading

Contemporary Political Thought (abstracts)

Political John Rawls‘ Phenomenology of the Human Person
John Rawls‘ later work is largely concerned with understanding how his theory of justice, justice as fairness, can be neutral towards the plurality of opinions and doctrines concerning the good life that characterize modern constitutional democracies.

His account is based on what he calls the ?political conception of person?, Continue reading

Conservative revolution ethics

ethics-KConservative Revolution” is community of the thinkers who have approved a new ethic and political position. Representatives of this movement see necessity of new gestalt dominance, namely, gestalt of Worker (Arbeiter). “Worker” is not conduct of life, it is style: total gestalt.

The “whole” before had been thought in Continue reading

Religious Traditions and Political Culture in North Korea

Kim IlNorth Korean regime is known as one of the most anti-religious one. Even though North Korea has established some churches and reopened some Buddhist temples since the early 1980s, it is believed that North Koreans can not have or attend religious meetings without permission of the Party. Ironically, some Western and South Korean scholars assert that the political culture of North Korea includes obvious religious characteristics. Continue reading

The role of Faith and Mind in philosophical and political point of view

faithLittle is known about life of a medieval thinker Marsilius of Padua. Marsilius’s family belonged to the famous kin of Maynardino and was one of the most respected in Padua. Marsilius’s father served as a university notary. Although the University of Padua could not compete with glory of the University of Bologna or Paris, the University of Padua developed its own philosophical school in the XIII century which was based on the study of Continue reading

Political scientist – propagandist is good or bad

propagandistWhen I saw the topic of my essay, I instantly understand that working with this question will be very useful and interesting for me, because this topic, during a hard political situation in our country, is very important. That’s why the political scientists have a big impact on the average person, thus they can influence on the opinion about political situation in our country. Also political scientists are a powerful weapon in the information war. Continue reading