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Kim Jong Il’s “Animation Revolution”

animationKimThe history of North Korean animation goes back to early post-Korean war (1950-1953) years. Since the mid-1950s animated feature production has not only increased, but also significantly changed its style and content and even evolved into a lucrative international enterprise, which is not unimportant for the country faced with economic hardships for more than a decade now.

Producing roughly 20-plus animated feature films every year beginning in 1985 when it was founded, North Korea’s April 26 Children’s Film Production House is probably the world’s largest studio with a staff of more than 1,500. It was about the same time that the state-run Continue reading

Cultural Identities and Lived Experience of North-Korean Diasporas in South Korea

N-KoreaynThis thesis is a research on the diverse identities of North Korean migrants who became university students in South Korea and the significance of their life experiences as diasporas. With a rapid increase of North Korean migrants entering South Korea since mid-1990s, they were regarded to construct a new wave called the “the rush of North Korean Defector.” In the past, such ‘defectors’ were only recognized as political dissidents, Continue reading

Religious Traditions and Political Culture in North Korea

Kim IlNorth Korean regime is known as one of the most anti-religious one. Even though North Korea has established some churches and reopened some Buddhist temples since the early 1980s, it is believed that North Koreans can not have or attend religious meetings without permission of the Party. Ironically, some Western and South Korean scholars assert that the political culture of North Korea includes obvious religious characteristics. Continue reading