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Art (musical) Interpretation as a cultural phenomenon

ArtmusicToday the comprehension of the ontology of a work of art is of a great concern to artists, in particular, the problem of reading or interpretation. In this context the definition of “interpretation” becomes relevant for consideration in the context of various cultural studies.

We studied modern approaches to the notion of “culture” to study artistic musical Continue reading

Religious Traditions and Political Culture in North Korea

Kim IlNorth Korean regime is known as one of the most anti-religious one. Even though North Korea has established some churches and reopened some Buddhist temples since the early 1980s, it is believed that North Koreans can not have or attend religious meetings without permission of the Party. Ironically, some Western and South Korean scholars assert that the political culture of North Korea includes obvious religious characteristics. Continue reading

Thailand and Globalization in 2018

ThaiThe social movement in Thailand that I am investigating is distinguished by the establishment of alternative education, foundations, and networks linked to socio-political and spiritual advocacies. This social movement views state educational reform/decentralization as an incoherent, hegemonic impulse and has countered it with the development of alternative schools and advocating home-school as an alternative to public schooling. Continue reading

Oceania Centre: New way in Art

oceanThe appreciation of contemporary Pacific arts requires an approach as unique as the images and expressions emerging and intriguing the local and international art world. The Oceania Centre for Arts and Culture in Suva, Fiji is producing contemporary art that moves globally but is rooted in the customs and cultures of Oceania; thus I will propose a unique Continue reading

Navigating Bi-cultural

immigrtaeThe forces of globalization coupled with large strides in technological development have made it possible to think of the world as our backyard. With ‘time-space compression’ (Castells, 1997, p. 434), travel is a much friendlier notion, and people are challenged with the idea of global citizenship and multiple identities. Continue reading

The phenomenon of nostalgia in post-soviet culture

sovietThe situation of “transition” happened after the fall of the Soviet Union had left us with the question of identity and values of the Russian society. While being unfinished, the transition keeps a vast amount of symbols and meanings affiliated with the Soviets, but still acting as the part of a new forming culture. Continue reading

The meaning of E-culture in the field of human values: philosofic and antropology context

e-culturaThe meaning of e-culture of and its importance in the formation of spiritual and moral values of the modern information society are in the very field of philosophical anthropology investigation. The results which have already been made show the complexity and diversity of the concept of e-culture and information society, suggest a need to manage the integration of e-culture in the process of spiritual development of society and its values in modern Continue reading