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Art (musical) Interpretation as a cultural phenomenon

ArtmusicToday the comprehension of the ontology of a work of art is of a great concern to artists, in particular, the problem of reading or interpretation. In this context the definition of “interpretation” becomes relevant for consideration in the context of various cultural studies.

We studied modern approaches to the notion of “culture” to study artistic musical Continue reading

The purity of intentions: Science, Art & Ethics

Art and EthicsScience, Art and Ethics are three whales that support the integrity of the contemporary world, which is characterized by the expansion of the reality, by the expansion of consciousness and the expansion of the semantic boundaries of reality. Perhaps during the late Middle Ages, Science was inextricably linked with Art (alchemy books, for example). Continue reading

The meaning of E-culture in the field of human values: philosofic and antropology context

e-culturaThe meaning of e-culture of and its importance in the formation of spiritual and moral values of the modern information society are in the very field of philosophical anthropology investigation. The results which have already been made show the complexity and diversity of the concept of e-culture and information society, suggest a need to manage the integration of e-culture in the process of spiritual development of society and its values in modern Continue reading

Morality and Art

renesansAfter birth of human civilization began one of the most important processes of human culture – the process of creating beauty. Today we can call it “art”. What was art for a human before? What was the art’s role in the development of practical inner world? Continue reading

Excursions to art institutions and their role in forming a child

art-gall“The real beauty is perceived only by pure, perfect mind of a child”

Art is an indispensable part of human life. It goes back to the ancient time. But then, our ancestors did not know that their activity in this area may bring us much good. It shows us the importance of art in every stage of human development. In human life art plays a significant role. Especially now, when the Continue reading