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The Moral Justification of the Law Reforming

Attorney's moral dutyLaw and morality are the ways of regulating of the social relations. The right, as well as a morality is a dynamic system that has a different expression in the different historical epochs.

Different approaches to the definition and understanding of law in the scientific literature are affecting to the interpretation of the legal and illegal facts. Continue reading

Morality in field of social policy

moral-peopleThe historical, political and social events of the 20th century opened a new phenomenon to the scientific world – applied ethics. The society faced with previously unknown situations and problems in different spheres (medicine, politics, ecology, business, journalism, art, etc.), which demanded not only a social, political decision, but above all an ethical one. Continue reading

Moralism as a consequence of Morality

etiikkaThe concept of moralising is at the moment insufficiently developed. As the domestic researcher Soina O. notices. With, the ethical theory there is not enough analytics of this phenomenon. From available encyclopaedic material and journalism it is easy to mark out, at least, two points of view for this phenomenon: as on rhetorical reception and as on expression of a repressive form of Continue reading

Pyramid schemes and their moral subtext

money-pyramidIn the article we have characterized the pyramid schemes from a moral point of view; highlights the signs of pyramid schemes; analyzed their impact on the lives of citizens and the risk to which investors are exposed; emphasizes the need to be careful with such organizations and forming a critical attitude to the “easy money”.

Perhaps does not exist someone who would have never heard of pyramid schemes, Continue reading

Mental, moral and psychological health

Mental healthAnnotation: The article examines the components of the moral and mental health and their manifestations and importance for man and society.

Health is an important human need, which determines its ability to productive work and normal life, provides a comprehensive personal development. Health provides opportunities to learn the world, found in its own place, be happy. Continue reading

Norm as an element of moral consciousness

etiikkaAnnotation: we examined the question of morality; it is an element in life and humanity in general. And also present morality in the literary world and scientists.

Our lives are making out of different sounds which create our mood. It’s like an orchestra. We are part of this creation. Who is the conductor? For me, it’s moral Continue reading

Ideas of morality and ethics theory of morality

ethics-KEthics is a science, subject of which is the morality, and the central problem of good and evil.

In its simplest formulation: ethics, and morality is a representation of society and the individual about good and evil, about how to do well and as badly. Continue reading

Morality and Art

renesansAfter birth of human civilization began one of the most important processes of human culture – the process of creating beauty. Today we can call it “art”. What was art for a human before? What was the art’s role in the development of practical inner world? Continue reading

The relationship between law, moral and morality in Hegel’s Philosophy of Law

Hegel_portrait45German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770 – 1831) doesn’t take a significant place in ethics compared with philosophy in general. But he made a very decisive step forward – the transition from ethics of goodwill to the ethics of socially meaningful activity. This step was necessary for the appearence of a historical-materialistic theory of morality.

In general, according to Hegel a law can be understood in its three core values. I. A right in the sense of freedom. Freedom and law have the united understanding. So the freedom is the existence of will, as Georg Hegel believed that thinking and will – Continue reading