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Mental, moral and psychological health

Mental healthAnnotation: The article examines the components of the moral and mental health and their manifestations and importance for man and society.

Health is an important human need, which determines its ability to productive work and normal life, provides a comprehensive personal development. Health provides opportunities to learn the world, found in its own place, be happy. Continue reading

The role of public institutions to ensure the human right to happiness

happyHappiness. For some, it is the name of the emotions or the presence in the life of a particular person, for others – something unknown, and for the third – meaning of life. Perhaps so many men so many ideas and definitions. Of course, there is a psychological, physiological, philosophical, religious definition.

For centuries, humanity has been seeking for the only true definition of “happiness” and under what circumstances a person Continue reading

Happiness, ataraxia in philosophy of Epicurus

epikurusFor start, it should be noted that the topic given to me was very interesting, it even further disclosure caused me pleasure.

Need your attention on the fact that the philosophical principles of Epicurus strangely coincide with some philosophical tenets of Eastern culture, such as Zen of Buddhists or arrogant form of Confucianism.

In my understanding, there are some similar with a modern philosophy of nihilism. The first tag of Tetrapharmakos (four principle of Epicurus doctrine), Continue reading